Now – The Experience of a Lifetime

Now is where you experience all the fun

Now is where all your passion dwells

Now is where who YOU really are is found and re-membered

Now is where true living is experienced

Now is where you rediscover your power

Now is where the leverage of the Universe is found and used

Now is where all Love lives and flourishes

In your Now is the fountain of Life

In your Now you experience and dance with God

 What can Now look like?

Now is experiencing the smell of a fragrant lilac

Now is experiencing the enjoyment of an unexpected conversation with your child

Now is experiencing 0-60 in 4.5 seconds

Now is experiencing the letting go of future worries and past regrets creating the opening for feeling the hand of God upon your shoulder

Now is experiencing the care of a doctor or nurse

Now is the experience of hearing the sound of a lawn mower

Now is being so engrossed in a project at work that you are amazed at the time that has passed

Now is experiencing the feeling of the wind on your face

Now is experiencing the water of your daily shower

Now is experiencing the interest of a dog watching a bird

Now is the experience of hearing birds call to one another

Now is experiencing a baby’s smile and relishing in the joy of it

Now is experiencing planning for the future

Now is experiencing thinking about the past

Now is experiencing listening and hearing the dreams of a friend

Now is experiencing the breath of life flowing through your lungs

Now is trusting in God/Source experiencing that, in this moment, all is well

Now is the experience (not judgment, analysis, worry or regret) of your moment-to-moment life!

By allowing yourself to experience the life and gifts contained in each moment, you have discovered the ‘why’ of life and are creating the space for God/Source to bring you more of what you believe Life to be!


“Wherever you are, be there totally” – Eckhart Tolle


Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Let’s practice experiencing ‘Now’.  We’ll begin by experiencing breakfast!  Make it your intention to be present to and experience the food you eat.  Ready?  Turn off any news or music.  Try to eat alone for this practice.  Place the food before you.  Without judgment, just notice the color, the aroma, the texture, etc.  Use all your senses; try to keep your thought commentary out of it.  Just experience the food before you.  Next, place some food on your utensil, close your eyes and eat.  Experience the food on your tongue and in your mouth.  Taste it.  Revel in it.  Again, focus on the experience of it rather than your mind’s analysis.  Repeat for lunch and dinner.  The next day, experiment with something else.  Some ideas:  Experience yourself lying down in your bed, or the experience of walking, or playing with an animal, or the experience of listening to music.  Start with easy things, then expand your practice with conversations and work projects, etc.

The point:  LIVE and experience the moment!  Because you are enjoying and acknowledging what you have, you’ll soon feel better about yourself and your day; the added benefit –  you will be allowing more joy and wanted experiences to flow into your life!

Learning to experience your life takes some time, practice and commitment.  I know that once you take this ‘Come to the Edge Today’ leap, you will never go back!

For a deeper look on what it means to live in your Now, read Life in the Now-Zone Part 1: The “Now” Experience, Life in the Now-Zone – Part 2: What is “Now” & Where Can I Find it?”, Life in the Now-Zone – Part 3: How to Live “Now”

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