The Playground of Your Life

Have you noticed that some people thrive in the area of relationships yet struggle with finances? Others are rolling in the dough, yet are lonely and alone while still others have amazing relationships yet continually struggle with chronic health issues.

Why is this?

Over the years, each of us creates unique combinations with these areas; I call these areas (abundance, relationships, health) ‘playgrounds’. It seems that while all of us play in each area, we tend to have developed one particular playground which has become the perfect focal point for our (potential) major growth. (This is the area some may call their area of greatest struggle, pain, challenge or blockage, but I choose to call it ‘playing in the playground’, because this is what we do when living a “Come to the Edge Today” life – we choose to focus our play and create in the sandbox where we experience the most growth and expansion!)

Playing in this playground that you have developed over the years can lead to the greatest re-discovery of who you really are and what you’re really made of. It contains everything required: “Toys”, “blocks”, struggles, tools, circumstances, people and events for experiencing the “You” that you’ve been searching for! It is THE place to be!

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Joan”, you say. “I try to avoid that playground at all costs! It’s too painful. It’s too big! It’s easier for me to just sit on the bench and ask: Why do these things happen to me – I never have enough money (I’ve never had a quality relationship, or I’ve always had poor health)! Why me? Poor, poor me……”

If you are willing to venture into that playground….just for a little while, you’ll discover the real answer to “why me?” You’ll also discover that the real “You” is already playing there and so is God/Source… and so much more! If you are willing, read on and I’ll show you how…

Today’s “leaping” exercise: The purpose of this exercise is to take a fresh look at your playground (abundance, relationships, health) you’ve been avoiding or ‘dealing/struggling with’. We will be using the reflection below in four different ways.
You’ll want to give yourself approximately 30 minutes for this ‘playtime’. Please follow all of the steps, as one builds upon another.

You will need: A quiet, uninterrupted space, a notebook and pen (please do not use your computer for this exercise)

1. Take several deep breaths. Breathe slowly in and out………allow yourself to focus on your breathing.

2. Slowly, read the reflection below, then go to step 3.

“There are no accidents, (your name). If it’s appeared on your life radar, this is why: To teach you that dreams come true; to reveal that you have the power to fix what’s broken and heal what hurts; to catapult you beyond seeing with just your physical senses; and to lift the veils that have kept you from seeing that you’re already the person you dreamed you’d become. There are no accidents, (your name).” *

3. In your notebook, write the above reflection in its entirety…….write it slowly and intentionally.

4. Now, underline words or phrases that “popped out” as you read and wrote it. Notice what you underlined.

5. Next, re-write the entire passage a second time. (It is important to entirely rewrite it, rather than just re-read it). As you write, allow your heart to show you which playground (abundance, relationships, health) is the one that, for now can lead to you to your greatest expansion.

6. Record which playground you’ve chosen for your focus of growth. Write a little story about it. Include people, circumstances, some events, toys, tools, struggles that are contained in your playground. Create the image as detailed as you can.

7. Now, let’s switch perspectives. Rewrite the reflection a third time. This time, as you write, focus on the words and message as if God/Source is describing you. When complete, underline words or phrases that “pop” from this perspective. How does this perspective feel? Any new insights?

8. Lastly, rewrite it completely a fourth time. This time, use the reflection as a prayer of thanksgiving, inserting “Thank you” for each: “Thank you that there are no accidents. Thank you that this playground has appeared on my life’s radar. Thank you that dreams do come true. Thank you that I have the power to fix what’s broken and heal what hurts. Thank you that I am being catapulted beyond seeing with just my physical senses. Thank you that the veil is being lifted and I am seeing that I am already the person I dreamed I’d become. Thank you that there are no accidents. Thank you that I am growing and expanding. Thank you for my playground.”

9.  Listen to your new insights. Feel whatever it is you are feeling. Allow yourself to let go and be thankful. Allow yourself to be the “You” that you really are and, through this lens view your playground in a fresh, new way.

10. Read this reflection often. Play in your playground daily with fresh perspective and adventure knowing that the “why” is only filled with Love.

The toys in the sandbox are looking pretty fun now, aren’t they? – Joan Kappes
*From ‘Notes from the Universe’ – Mike Dooley

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