The Two Most Powerful Words: ‘I Choose’

Words have power! They are born from our thoughts and our thoughts have great influence on the quality of our life.

Yes, our thoughts influence our words, but did you know that words can also influence our thoughts, shift our focus and change our underlying beliefs? (It’s like magic, only better!)

Two of the most powerful spoken words I know of that contain massive amounts of freedom and power….


When used deliberately, these words unlock the freedom and power to l-i-v-e, create and experience your life!

Simple. Powerful. Life changing.

Saying “I choose” (about anything) proclaims to yourself, to God/Source and to everyone that:
• “I” choose: This is my thought, choice, desire – no one elses
• I am aware that I am the creator of my life!
• I am aware of the gift of my free will and I am choosing to use it
• I am worthy to think it (whatever it is), proclaim it and allow it to flow to me
• It is on-purpose and deliberate. (This is a very powerful gift and tool for living the life of your dreams)
• It is a tool that helps me be aware of what I want and what I am thinking
• It is a declaration to God/Source that I am clear, not wishy washy about what I want. (Have you ever asked someone what kind of gift they want and their reply: “I don’t know; anything is fine”. VS a 4 year olds answer: “I want this toy in this color, in this size and this model….” It is more fun and fulfilling for everyone (including you, God/Source and all of your friends if you are clear!)
• It’s putting myself on “the map”. It’s saying, Yes! I am here and I count! I have value!
• It beginning (or continuing) my awareness of the gift of living my life on purpose – my life at “The Edge”, where all the joy and freedom lives!
• It means I am allowing myself to be free to be Me!

Today’s “leaping” exercise: Today’s exercise will create new adventures for you! Intentionally “choose” to think about what you want. Commit to experiencing a minimum of 5 different scenarios throughout the day by declaring out loud: “I choose to……….” Be aware of what this feels like.  (Example:  “I choose to focus and take away one new idea out of today’s meeting,” or “I choose to drink 64 oz of water today”, or “I choose to acknowledge and feel the love of my pet as they greet me today”.)  Record the ‘what’ and the resulting feeling in your notebook. Repeat this exercise for 21 days (the amount of time it takes to form a new habit). Note: If it happens to feel a little awkward at first, it’s ok. Like anything else, with practice, it will become more comfortable.   After 21 days, or 105 declarations (!) it will be second nature for you to declare who you really are!

You have the freedom, the power and the magic already within you.  All you have to do is choose- Joan Kappes


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