10 Ingredients for Experiencing a Fabulous Life

The following has been lovingly gifted to us by my friend, Steve-Garnaas Holmes:

Be grateful for the love that surrounds you, and for the opportunities you have to love.

Be mindful of your place in this world, and your connection to people you care about.

Never doubt that you are loved, though those who love you may be far away.

Love people, every chance you get.  Spend your love recklessly; it will never be wasted. It is the spending, not the result, that enriches us.

Pay attention to the moment that you’re in. It will pass. It is a transition, not a final destination.

Each moment is a letting go and a beginning.

Love in this moment.

Receive what this moment offers you.

Be lovingly attentive to what is, in the present moment.

What comes next is full of promise, not the least of which is this: that there will always be more love. Trust this, and let God’s delight fill you.

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Each hour while you are awake today, stop for a moment and notice the love that surrounds you.  How did it come?  Who offered it?  Where did it come from?  Also, during each hour, find an opportunity to love – it can be anyone, circumstance, thing, yourself!  Be present to the moment of it.  Experience that in the giving, you are receiving even more love.  Repeat each day!

Living this simple recipe is living a “Come to the Edge Today” life – Joan Kappes

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