Filling the Bowl of Your Life – The Choice is Yours

I have a tendency to think that when something “happens to me” especially if it is something  I view as “bad”, I need to dwell on it, or at the very least acknowledge my current state or circumstance, because if I don’t, then I am secretly saying that it’s OK and more of it will come.

What I am realizing now, is that it is all about what I am providing space for. If I think of my life as a vast bowl which I  choose to fill up in a myriad of ways, and on many subjects, this image naturally reveals what I am choosing to focus upon.  My habit has been to fill up my bowl with thoughts about my current state or circumstances…. Because after all, that is “my reality”, right?  Consequently, this (my focus) is what is taking up the space and therefore, what I experience as my reality.

What if I choose to open the space – this “bowl” of my life – to allow new possibilities, some I may not even be aware of yet?  What if I let go and trust that the Universe, who knows my heart’s true desires,  will surprise and delight me?

By choosing not to fill my bowl with my “current struggles or perceived injustices” does not mean  they are not real to me….it’s just a new (and more beneficial) decision to keep the space open for the Universe to deliver and give to me in new ways.

Creating the space IS the process of allowing.

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  So much of what we think about is actually unconscious thinking; paying attention to what you think about will change your life! Today’s exercise is an awareness exercise; it focuses on what thoughts you find yourself dwelling upon.

For the next week, commit to developing the habit of noticing what you think about and what you dwell upon.  Choose some kind of cue that, whenever you hear it, will serve as a reminder to stop and notice what thoughts have recently been running through your head.  This could be a bird singing, a blue car on the road, a word that your hear, something you see on your desk – anything that occurs frequently (once per hour or so).  When you are reminded via this cue, or consciously on your own, stop and reflect:  What thoughts have I been dwelling upon?  What have I been thinking?  What feelings did these thoughts bring up?  Have these thoughts served me or hindered me in how I want my life to manifest?  What thoughts would I prefer?

Do this for 7+ days;  Record thoughts, patterns and beliefs.  Ask the above questions.  Use this time to get really clear on what you think about and what you habitually dwell upon and why.

These conscious observations are the opening for new possibilites.  As you empty your bowl, the Universe can fill it up with what you truly desire.

Living or being on “The Edge” is about creating new space – Jan Wikman

Thanks to my twin sister, Jan Wikman for sharing this reflection with all of us! – Joan Kappes


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