How Good Can You Stand It?

“I have a high pain tolerance.”  Have you ever heard people brag about this?  I know I have caught myself saying this, however I don’t think it ever improved the quality of my life.

I’ve come to realize that there is a better ‘Come to the Edge’ question:  How Good can I stand it?  How good can I allow my life to be?

Instead of raising your pain tolerance, make it your mission to raise your Joy tolerance!

Note:  This is not conditioned upon your current circumstances, health, wealth, or lack there-of.  This is about YOU allowing relief and goodness and joy and peace to enter and increase in your life….now.

How? Focus!  Focus on seeing only joy and goodness in your day, in your hour, in your moment.  Yes, it IS there……..I promise!  There is something in each moment that you can see and experience that will raise that ‘goodness/joy’ bar instead of the pain tolerance bar.  Try it!

How Good Can I Stand It?  How much joy, abundance, fun, health and healing and…..and….and….will I allow to pour into my life?  Only you can answer this.  Don’t settle for ‘ok’ or ‘getting by’ or anything other than ‘off-the-charts’ bliss…… matter what! Yes, you CAN experience bliss – today! And you know what?  The more you focus on the joy, goodness and well-being already in your life, the more you allow God/Source to bring you more!  Yep – that’s how it works, so RAISE THAT BAR!

(If you are doubting this,  ask yourself, ‘What do I believe about why, if and how good things come to me?  Do I believe that life can be good for me?’  Knowing what you believe about how good your life can be plays a huge role in allowing your life to be better.)


 How Good Can I Stand It? 

Come To the Edge Today!

Today’s ‘Come to the Edge’ “leaping” exercise:  Copy the above ‘How Good Can I Stand It?’ reminder (right click and press ‘print’.  Cut to size) and carry it everywhere you go.  Make several copies!  Use it as a bookmark, a note in your car, bathroom, by the sink – everywhere!  DECIDE that you are going to raise your joy/goodness/well-being bar and allow yourself to get out of the way so the stream of relief and joy and bliss can become your new way of being.  Focus upon what is right in front of you that gives you relief and joy.  Dedicate yourself to thinking thoughts that bring relief instead of those that raise your pain tolerance, then eagerly look for life changing evidence!

You can do this……beginning —now.

“The Better It Gets, The Better It Gets” – Abraham

I like seeing you raise that bar! – Joan Kappes

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