Releasing the Real You

Living a “Come to the Edge Today” life gives us permission to wipe away falsehoods and offers us the freedom to claim and LIVE who we really are.  Below is a reflection that feels “good” AND also awakens the sense of deep knowing you already have of these Truths.


“I am made of Divine Light.  I give myself permission to shine.

I am Freedom.  I give myself permission to be free from __________(name it).  I am now free to fly and soar and experience the life of my dreams.

I am More.  I release everything in my past, present and future that holds me bondage to experiencing more of the real Me.

I am Love.  I give myself permission to feel Love flow in me, through me and as me.

I am Joy.  I give myself permission to feel, give and live true joy.”

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Repeat this at least 10x per day:  “Today I give myself permission to be the real Me.”

Find opportunities (at least once per day) to ‘try on’ and ‘use’ the “You” that just came out of hiding (you know – the shining, free, loving, joyful You!)

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