A Parable: Choosing a Room or a Mansion

This is a story of a human named Wo.*  As all humans in his culture Wo lived in a house, but Wo was really only concerned with the room that he lived in, since it was uniquely his own.  His room was beautiful and he was charged with keeping it that way…which he did.

Wo lived a good life.  He learned the things that made him feel happy, and he would find objects to hang on the wall that he could look at, to make him happy.  Wo also learned of the things that made him feel sad, and he learned how to hang these things on the wall when he wished to be sad.  Wo also learned the things that made him angry, and he found things to drag out and place on the wall that he could turn to when he chose to be angry.

As with other humans, Wo had many fears.  Even though he had the basics in life, he feared other humans and certain situations.  He feared the humans and situations that would bring change, for he felt secure and stable with the way things were, and he had worked hard to get them to that state.  Wo feared the situations that seemingly had control over his stable room, and he feared the humans who controlled these situations.  Several time throughout his life, Wo saw motion and a new doorway (with strange writing on the door) in the corner of his room.  Wo was a spiritual person and prayed to God that the humans and situations he feared (like the motion in the corner and the new doorway) would go away so as not to create changes, so his room could remain without change…and God answered Wo’s many requests each time he asked throughout his life.

When Wo was 50, he became ill and died.  Wo arose from his bed only to discover that his earthly body remained; he was in spirit form.  He saw the motion in the corner and this time it drew closer.

Wo now saw that the motion was actually two entities who approached.  The white figures gleamed as though they had a light from within.  One of the figures spoke to Wo:  “Come, dear one, it’s time to go.”  He was starting to remember how familiar all this was…he was filled with a wonderful, unexplainable feeling. One of the entities took his hand and led him directly toward the door with the strange writing on it.  The door opened and all three went through it.

He found himself in a long hallway with doors to rooms on each side.  Wo thought, “This is indeed a far larger house than I had imagined!”  Wo noticed the first door with more odd writing on it.  “What is in this first door on the right?”  Without a word the white figure opened the door and motioned for Wo to enter.  As Wo entered he was amazed.  Stacked from floor to ceiling were riches beond his wildest dreams!  There were gold bars, pearls and diamonds.  In one corner alone there were enough rubies and precious stones for an entire kingdom.  He looked at his white, glowing companions and said “What is this place?  The larger white one spoke and said, “This is your room of abundance, had you wished to enter it.  It belongs to you even now and will remain here for you in the future.”

As they returned to the hallway Wo asked what was in the first room to the left…another door with writing that somehow was starting to make sense.  As the white one opened the door he said “This is your room of peace, had you wished to use it.”  Wo entered the room with his friends, only to be surrounded by a thick white fog.  The fog seemed to be alive, for it immediately encased his body, and Wo breathed it in.  He was overcome with comfort, and knew he would never be afraid again.  He felt peace where there had never been any before.

Wo again stepped into the hallway.  He had changed.  He looked at his companions and recognized them.  “You are the guides,” Wo stated matter of factly.  “No,” said the large one, “we are your guides.”  In perfect love they continued.  “We have been here since your birth for only one reason: to love you and help show you the doorway.  You were afraid and asked for us to retreat, and we did.  We are in service to you in love, and we honor your incarnation of expression.”  Wo felt no reprimand in their words.  He realized that they were not in judgment of him, but in honor of him, and he felt their love.

As he was led down the hallway there were doors marked HEALING, and another marked JOY.  He began to realize what he had missed.  And as if they knew his thoughts, the guides said, “Do not be reproachful with your spirit, for it is inappropriate and does not serve your magnificence.” He looked back down the hallway from where he had first entered and saw the writing on the door the writing that had originally frightened him.  The writing was a name!… it was HIS name, his real name…and He now fully understood.

He turned to walk toward the light at the end of the hallway.  He had been here before.  Wo was going home.


*To read the parable in its entirety: The Kryon Writings-Don’t Think Like a Human! PP 76-81 Copyright 1994  


Today’s Come to the Edge “leaping” exercise:  Find a quiet, relaxing place where you can be uninterrupted for about 15-20 minutes.   – the one with your name on it!  Breathe deeply and clear your mind. Imagine you are in your earthly room. You notice a new doorway in the corner of the room.  You see motion in this corner but you are not afraid.  The motion is your guides.  You allow them to draw near.  Notice their essence:  their color, smell, aura.  Take note of how they appear and sound to you.  They ask you to go with them through the doorway.  You eagerly agree.  Together, the three of you go through the doorway. Notice the number of doorways in your hallway.  What is written on each?  You eagerly open each door to see what is inside.  Take your time discovering as there is no hurry and your guides are pleased to share this with you.  Notice the Love and Peace that is present in your hallway and rooms.  What riches are available to you?  What have you discovered?  When you are complete, your guides lovingly take you back to your earthly room.  They assure you that they are always present, always available to help you open the doors to experience (in this lifetime) what you have just discovered.  Ask them for guidance and assistance in opening the doors and riches that are already available, awaiting your allowing.  Thank them for this journey.  You open your eyes and eagerly anticipate seeing the evidence!  “Ask and it is Given”!

The fullness of your life is awaiting you – just “Come to the Edge Today” and ask – Joan Kappes

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