Your Invitation To Soar!

“My Dearest Love,

The next level cannot be climbed.

You are meant to fly there.

Let go and enjoy the flight.

You see, you already have taken flight; now it’s time to head out with full awareness and relish playing in the sea breezes and experience the wonders of the ocean currents.

You are meant to fly!

 Fly with complete abandon…

Trust with full knowing…


Because, My Dearest One, We are flying together.”

With deepest Love for who you already are,                                           I AM, God/Source


Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Prior to watching this video of birds in flight, (see below) spend a few minutes becoming clear on what your heart is telling you is the ‘next level’ for your life.  (If you are not sure, use your imagination and decide upon something you’d like to experience.) Pretend that the bird in the video represents your experience of this ‘next level’.

In addition, envision that you and God/Source are One, and both of you are this bird –  sharing the same wings, sight, smells, sounds and feelings.  Imagine, as you fly that you are experiencing your ‘next level’ together, through the eyes of God/Source!  What are you seeing?  Smelling?  Hearing?  What does the wind feel like?  What does it feel like to soar with no boundaries and no limits?  What is God/Source showing you about soaring to your ‘next level’?  (Repeat video, if you’d like to continue flying!)

As you safely land back at “The Edge”, record your experiences and insights in your journal.  Know that you have an open invitation to soar with God/Source anytime you’d like!

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