It’s Time To Turn Off The Political Ads…Find Out Why…

This campaign season’s ads are something, aren’t they?  Wow.  Can they get any more negative?  From the ad’s viewpoint, it seems that everyone is a crook, the electorate is incompetent (because clearly we ‘don’t understand’) and ‘the other side’ is out to get us all.  Hmmmm…Many of these thoughts never even occurred to me until I saw the ads (pick an ad – any ad, as they are similar).

Finally, I asked myself:  “Do I need to surround myself with such divisiveness?  No!  I’ve had enough”… because I know that this is not who I am and this is not who we are.  We are much, much more!  After all, each of us are made from the same Source and the same Love!!!   I have decided to think my own thoughts and make my own choices.  I do not need this negative influence to divide me from my fellow citizens or to fearfully influence my choice on election day.

I have turned off the ads.  All of them.  The freedom  is instantaneous!  It feels great!  No more accusations, falsehoods, fear mongering, manipulation, degradation and on and on…..It feels good!

 So, my fellow citizens, in the next few days before the election, I ask you to consider this:

Turn off all political ads from now to election day.

Choose instead, to make your own decisions!  Choose to no longer be influenced by fearful, lack-filled, inaccurate, mean-spirited ads.

Choose to break free of who they say we are because we ARE more.  ALL of us are more!  Deep down, we know who we are: We are united.  We are part of the Whole.  We come from Love.  Choose to let your choice come from a space of Love and peace and Oneness!

We have a choice and it begins now.  Let the choice of who receives our vote come from within.   Let us be guided not by fear and divisiveness, but by the truth and Love that lives within.

Today’s “leaping exercise”:  Go within.  Find a quiet, uninterrupted space with the intention of allowing yourself to let go of any fearful, hateful lenses that you have been seeing through and allow yourself to be guided to vote through the lens of Love.  Breathe deeply.  See those negatives surrounded by a bubble.  Gently watch that bubble float away.  Next, turn your attention to what remains:  Feel and bask in the Love that is and always has been your real reality.  Simply allow yourself be wrapped in peace and Love and security.  Be surrounded by it.  Become One with it.  Enjoy it.

Once you are experiencing this peaceful reality, (and only then), ask for guidance about who to vote for.  Ask for the answer viewed through the lens of Love and peace (rather than from who is right and who is wrong.)

Each of us may have a different answer.  This is ok.  All is well.

The point is, on Tuesday, vote from your heart and connection with God/Source rather than a disconnection experienced as fear and suspicion.  Proudly vote ‘knowing’ that you are voting from Love.

This is freedom.

Feeling free – Joan Kappes

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