Election Results, A Cockatoo, An Ibex & You

Every subject is really two subjects – what is wanted and what is not wanted. Today is a perfect day to see and experience this.  Yesterday, U.S. citizens exercised our right to vote and today we are experiencing the results.  I thought it would be fun to play with this a little as there is much to be experienced from a ‘Come to the Edge Today‘ point of view!

If you are feeling jubilant about the outcome of the election, perhaps you feel like this Cockatoo (watch video below now)


If you are not pleased with the outcome, perhaps you feel like this Ibex (watch video below now)


(Over the span of my voting career, I have felt like both of these wonderful creatures!)

Today, I want to playfully offer some ideas for really living this experience and growing from it.

Today’s “leaping exercise” If you are feeling hope and joy and elation, NOW is a great time to ‘milk’ it and increase your vibration and good feelings!  For fun, watch the video again and dance with this darling bird!  Then, make a list of 10 things you are hopeful, joyful and elated about (it can be about the election or about any subject).  The point is to ‘milk’ feeling good.  Why?  Because, we get the essence of what we think (and feel) – so, if we are feeling good and deliberately focus on better feeling thoughts, more good thoughts will come which will lead to better life experiences (that’s the way it works, so might as well be deliberate about it)!

If you are feeling somewhat like the Ibex today, this is ok too.   When I feel this way, I give myself permission to ‘get it out’ and sulk and be crabby.  I give myself, for example, an hour or a day to get it out, knowing that once I do, I can refocus and move on.  So, for fun, play back the video and pretend you are the Ibex reacting to the outcome of the election.

Now, here is the really great part – if you want to feel better NOW,  you can!  Even though you are disappointed and perhaps fearful or resigned (or whatever you are feeling), you can refocus to feel better NOW!  Will you be dancing like the Cockatoo in 5 minutes?  No, but you can feel better than you do right now.

How to do this?  By refocusing using ‘general’ thoughts.  Simply, they are thoughts that are general in nature – they are not specific.  It’s THE best place to begin to feel better.  How to be general on any topic?

1.  Stay general in your thoughts when feeling bad – it will help turn your thoughts around, little by little.  Getting too specific with your thoughts when feeling down will just make it worse.  Following are some examples of ‘general’ thoughts surrounding the election.  As you read them, feel if any of them give you some relief.  Then, build upon those that give you relief.  General thought examples:

  • “I like living in the U.S. where each citizen has a right to vote”
  • “I am glad I voted”
  • “I know that Americans want the best for the country”
  • “Some years my candidates win and other years they do not…I know that this process has been in existence for 236 years.  It’s a good system.”
  • “Progress seems slow, but over time, I notice that we learn and grow as individuals and citizens”

Write 10 statements of your own that are general in nature, feeling for the thoughts that give you relief.  Feel the relief of them.  Focus on these thoughts and allow other ‘downstream’ thoughts come to you.  See what happens!

2.  I suggest a 4 minute process (which can be used around any subject), called “The Focus Wheel” process.  Click the link for a video on how to use this powerful process.

No matter how you are feeling now, choose to feel better, find thoughts that give your relief and the magic of the Universe will deliver more than you can imagine!

Oh, the freedom of choice! – Joan Kappes


Videos courtesy of YouTube – Cockatoo videoIbex video

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