Thankful for You!

This year, my thoughts are focused simply on You:  I am thankful for YOU.

YOU” ….that glorious word that encompasses all of us.

You are the smile of the stranger that greets me in the grocery store.  You are the greeting at Starbucks that says “Have a great day!!!”  You are the devoted person striving to bring peace to your corner of the world.  You are the politician striving to do your best.  You are the catalyst in my life helping me to be ‘more’.  You are the teenager, longing to be heard through newly discovered talent.  You are the baby, reminding me that we all are part of God.  You are the person determined to release resistance so wellness can come flooding through.  You are the one who shows me how to ‘let go’ of the oars so I can gently go with the flow of well-being.  You are the one who gives a thousand times a day….just because it feels good.   You are the one who shares your creativity and inspiration, making our world a better place.  You are the one who shares joy with the world.  You are the one who makes a difference by faithfully being who you are.  You are the piece of the puzzle that makes my life ‘picture perfect’.

I am thankful for You………Yes, You, for you are part of the Whole of which we all belong.

This wonderful video (below) beautifully reminds me of the Oneness that we all share as “You”, as “Us”, as “We”.  Enjoy!  Thanks to Matt Harding and Melissa Nixon for this amazing video!

Thankful for you – Joan Kappes


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