Moon Blessing

When I was in college, I was a night ‘guard’ for an energy company, working the midnight to 8am shift.  Each hour, I was required to make the rounds.   So, for 25 minutes every hour, in the deep of night, it was just me and the moon.  We became ‘friends’ and I welcomed my companion’s gifts of constancy, light and feeling of safety.

When I read this beautiful poem (below) about the moon, it reminded me of those days and the nights since, when I open myself to its magic.  “Thank You” to my favorite poet and guy at “The Edge”, Steve Garnaas Holmes. 

May you experience its peace and connect with its wisdom….

Moon Blessing

By Steve Garnaas Holmes

To you I wish

the peace of the moon,
who waxes and wanes
and is not troubled;


the beauty of the moon,
only partly seen
but always wondrous;

the silence of the moon,
who does not insist
if you do not notice;

the courage of the moon
who is not afraid
of her own darkness;

the steadiness of the moon,
who never gets caught
in the tricky branches;

the constancy of the moon,
who never forgets
to come back;

the wisdom of the moon
who sees clearly
when we close our eyes;

the faith of the moon
who is always full
to the sun.

The blessing of the moon
be with you.

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Tonight, when the moon rises, bundle up (for those of you who live “up north”!) and spend time with the moon.  Print this poem if you are able, or read it prior to going outside.  Read it either aloud or silently.  Use all of your senses to experience the sky and the moon and your surroundings.  Listen with your heart………..What is it saying?  How much can you hear?  Record it in your journal and … repeat!   

Joining you in wonder and awe – Joan Kappes

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