Laughter & Smiles: Powerhouse ‘Freebies’ of the Universe

Laughter and smiles are the powerhouse ‘freebies’ of the Universe! They contain the energy to raise our spirits and catapult us out of the muck.  In an instant, one smile from a baby, one belly laugh from a friend or one genuine smile from a stranger can lighten our load and change our entire outlook!

Smiles and laughter can be found everywhere and in every situation!  It may seem too common or simple to even notice, but smiles & laughter are those ‘free for the pickin’ gifts that expand our hearts & change our mood, if we allow it.  Each gift is unique and there is absolutely no limit to how many we can give or receive.  Oh, and another fabulous attribute:  BOTH the giver and receiver benefit from each laugh and smile!

So, as we journey at “The Edge”,  eagerly creating the life of our dreams, make the decision to reap the benefits of these powerhouse ‘freebies’:  Joy, fun, love, connectedness, a new perspective, a bigger heart and 1,000,000 other unique gifts just waiting to be received.

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Listen to this classic video from Mary Poppins, “I Love to Laugh” (see below).  Allow yourself to smile or laugh at least once during the song!  Then, go find someone and give a smile or the magic of your laughter to another.



Just caught your smile - Thanks!


Just caught your smile! – Joan Kappes


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