Love Through The Looking Glass

Love through the Looking Glass

I drummed up enough courage to look at myself in the mirror.  I looked and saw…her.  This person so familiar, yet oftentimes, so distant.  I yearned to reach out.  Then, ever so timidly, I said,

“I could easily fall in Love with you.”

She said, “Thank you;  and will you Love all parts of me?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“If you open your heart to all of me – my thoughts, emotions, beliefs – both limiting and un-limiting, passions, talents, quirks, body type; if you open to the divine energy which flows so beautifully within, to the inner wisdom – the part you call ‘soul’ which is connected to All-That-Is – accepting all of it,  then you will actually be in Love.”

“But, I must prove my worth to deserve your Love and I find myself continually falling short.”

She lovingly looked at me through the mirror and said, “Open your heart and simply Love me without judgment, condemnation or regret.  It matters not to me what you have done or not done, will do or not do, will be or not be. You see, I have been in Love with you since before the beginning.  I long to grow and share, laugh and learn, Love and fly with you.  I have been lovingly waiting for you to make the first move.”

“How do I make the first move?”  I longingly asked.

“Look at me now.  Declare your Love for me and your desire to grow with me.  Believe that I am on your side.  Open your heart and let all-of-me shine through.  Spend quiet time with me and get to know the real me.  I am here for you.  Open your heart to Loving me and to being Loved by me.”

Looking through the mirror, I shifted my gaze, looked directly into her eyes and said “I Love you”.  And as I said this, the two of us became One.

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Spend time alone with yourself in front of a mirror.  Read the above out loud to yourself.  Feel what is being communicated back to you.  During this time, commit to developing a Loving relationship with yourself.  Spend time in front of the mirror each day connecting with ‘you’.  Declare each day:  “I LOVE YOU”!  and get ready for magic!

Aren’t you lovely? –Joan Kappes

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