I’m So Glad It Was You – 30 Years of Thanks

April 9, 1983Today, I am expressing my deepest thanks  to my love, my best friend, my partner and absolutely my truest fellow adventurer at “The Edge“, Paul Kappes for 30 years of marriage!

Thirty Years!  Wow, how fast the years have flown!

Paul, together we have dreamed our dreams,  grown in their pursuit and reveled in their manifestations.  Together, we have learned the dance of trust and letting go as well as the art of  laughter and not taking life so seriously.  We have discovered the beauty and power of gratitude and thankfulness.  Together, we have learned to value ourselves and each other.  We have created and shared immeasurable memories – all of which I am grateful. Through all these years we continue to unfold the gift of Love and are still expanding in its richness.

And so, I want to say how thankful I am that we share this lifetime together.  I thought it appropriate (and fun) to honor you with this blog post today and to share our joy and gratitude with friends… I love you.

Today’s “leaping exercise”:  Please join in our celebration by posting a comment below:  What are your keys to sharing a joyful relationship?

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An Adventure....still!Love

 I‘m So Glad It was You!

 Joan Kappes

“Anyone At All” – Carole King


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