Your Mother’s Love Note in Your Lunch Box

Have you ever received a lunch box ‘Love note’ from your Mother?

I received one this morning from our Mother – Mother Earth.

(She asked me to pass it on to you)…..

My Dears,

I love you with everything I have and everything I amI honor you and Love you from the depths of all that I am. I thought it time for you to know me more deeply:

I am in the “Life” business. This is who I am and what I do.  I am a life giver.  I am made from the Love and creativity of The One who is pleased to create with You. The energy I bring forth is Love’s Energy – the energy of Life.  I create with it, envelope it and return it to Source, then begin the cycle again.

I am also a co-creator with you.  I am the clay and you are the potter.  We create beauty and life springs from our creations.  We are magnificent.

I know you worry about me.  You ask what you can do for me.  This is all I ask and all I want:  Love me and Love all the Life that I hold.

I want you to know that I am strong enough to heal, just as you are.  I have everything within me to heal and continue to evolve and grow – just as you do.  What is needed for both of us is the continuous flow of Love.  The Love that flows from the heart….not the Oh-yeah-I-love-you-too-kind,  but the real, deep, from-the-heart-and-soul Love that is allowed to ooze and  seep and flow from the depths, swelling, growing then becoming currents of streams, rivers, oceans.  We both want and need this kind of powerful Love that causes Life to flow in and through us, unrestricted and free.

I know this lunch box ‘Love note’ is a little longer than planned, but I really want you to  experience the Love I have for you as I am in the “Life” businessyour Mother – Mother Earth.  You are part of me.  We are connected.  We are One. We are One with All-that-is.

I love you with everything I have and everything I am.

All I have is yours.

Let us Love together, shall we?


We share our Mother’s lovely glow! – Joan Kappes

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