‘Bliss’ Has a Surprise for You!

What if Bliss were a living ‘thing’ - a living, breathing energy??? It’s time for breathing in the beauty of the season. So naturally, on one of these ‘looking-at-the-clouds-passing-by kind of days I would be pondering ……..Bliss.

My imagination kicked in: What if Bliss were a living ‘thing’ – a living, breathing energy??? If so, then what does it look like? How can it be described? What are its characteristics? When does it show up? If bliss is a living, flowing energy whose purpose is to surprise and delight, how can I become more attuned to its presence? How can I welcome it more and more into my life?

I spent the day imagining words that describe Bliss. Here are just a few from my long list: Freedom, ecstacy, happiness, delight, harmony, joy, peace, delight, joyfulness, excitement, adventure, silence, lack of resistance, free expression, contentment, gratitude, bliss, laughter, merriment, calm. Each of these connects me with the feeling of Bliss. After ‘trying on’ each of these words for an afternoon, I was, as you can imagine feeling pretty Bliss-full!

If Bliss is this delightful energy, how does it show up?  I discovered that Bliss is very clever! Its creativity is unlimited in its desire and power to delight. It shows up everywhere and to everyone; how it manifests is based on our unique likesBliss is very clever! and pleasures. Bliss loves to show up in music, in nature, in beauty, in food and drink, in ‘special’ times and in ordinary, in every expression through the senses, in silence, in noise, in solitude, in crowds, in ‘down time’, at work and in any of the 24 hours of the day!

After pondering this for a few days, I discovered a perfect example of how Bliss spreads its delight and magic. The short video below is the most enchanting example of one woman accepting and living her Bliss I have ever seen. (I experienced Bliss just watching her!). I invite you to watch this short, Bliss-filled video (make sure you watch until the very end!); we will finish with how to invite this energy to flow through your life and your days…..

How to connect with this spry, delightful energy called Bliss: Today’s ‘leaping’ exercise: Begin by identifying with a word that connects you to a feeling of Bliss (joy, peace, laughter, delight, bliss etc.) Then, throughout each day, actively put your ‘feelers out’ for circumstances that come your way that allow you to experience that word/feeling in your day (don’t worry – it will be there!). When you recognize it, STOP and feel it! Experience it! (After all, isn’t this what we’re all after – the experience of Bliss?) Acknowledge and thank it. It’s a habit, so commit to growing it everyday. (You’ll have so much fun looking for evidence of Bliss flowing through your life that it will be a fun habit to create!)

To FEEL bliss is a habit. It’s there…………are you ready to experience it? –

You look GOOD wrapped in Bliss! You look GOOD wrapped in Bliss! – Joan Kappes

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