Enjoying Your Day – A ‘How-To’ Guide

“Enjoy your day!”

Thanks, but how do I do that?  I know how to enjoy the fun days – that is easy because I like what I am doing.  But, how do I enjoy (i.e. experience Joy) everyday, every hour?

It might be helpful to begin with a dictionary definition of ‘enjoy’:  According to the dictionary, enjoy is a verb to ‘take pleasure in something, to have a pleasurable experience’.  The prefix EN means ‘to cause a person to be in the condition of.. (ex. enjoyment).  It also means ‘on all sides’.  So, to ‘enJoy’ means to be in the place or state of Joy and to be completely surrounded by it!‘enjoy’ means to be in the place or state of joy and to be completely surrounded by it!

To be surrounded by joy and live the benefits of its blissful state is one of the wonderful, quirky and sometimes mysterious habits we get to create as we journey our life at ‘The Edge’.

“Habits, did you say?”

Yes!  The experience of Joy is a habit and we have free will to open the portal to experience its delights every hour of everyday.  (We really do!)

Some Joy-ful facts!

*Joy needs us.  Without our permission, it cannot express itself in our lives

*Joy lives within each of us and looks for any opening we give it to share its gifts

*Joy is very clever

*Joy loves to surprise and delight

*Joy will not use force.  It is patient and shines forth when we let go and open to its gifts

*Joy wants to co-create a wonder-filled life with usJoy loves to surprise and delight

*Joy is heart-centered (not monkey-mind centered)

*Joy comes when we are focused upon what is wanted

*Joy is experienced moment-by-moment

*Joy can be experienced as thoughts of the past, present and future – all experienced in ‘Now-time’

How to begin creating a new habit, a new portal for Joy?  Remember, habits are created one thought, one repeated, focused intention at a time.  Below are some examples of how to allow Joy to express (these are my real-life examples)

*  Mowing the lawn – a choice between seeing and experiencing it as a chore or focusing on appreciating the beauty of the moment and the experience of being outdoors – opening a portal for Joy to envelope me

*  Paying monthly bills – a choice between seeing lack and burden (and all the yada, yada that goes with it) or refocusing to see flow, abundance and gratitude for the experiences given to me because of what I am paying back– inviting a channel for experiencing Joy of past, present and future events

*  Handling paperwork – a choice between focusing on repetition, boredom, wishing I was doing something else, etc. and refocusing on the talents, time and benefits of doing this with gratitude – allowing a channel for joy to flow, surprise and delight

*  Doing laundry – a choice between focusing on drudgery and boredom or refocusing to allow a new perspective of slowing down, refocusing on gratitude and the experiences and comfort each piece of clothing has given me – thus, opening a channel for joy to flow

Open a portal for JoyToday’s “leaping” exercise:  Spend the day finding 4 thoughts or experiences where you find yourself allowing Joy.  Notice what you were thinking, doing and feeling.  Write these experiences in your journal.  As a bonus, re-create these Joy-ful moments as you write, remembering that Joy is created using past, present and future thoughts and experiences.  Then, identify 4 areas where you find yourself via your thought-focus, not allowing Joy to come through.  Find as many softer, positive aspects (as I did above) as you can, to allow Joy to flow through and transform these.   Notice!  Repeat!  Create new portals for Joy!

EnJoy your day! – Joan Kappes

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness” – Charles Hadden Spurgeon

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