Untie Your Boat – Your Dreams Await!

“The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams now, to any degree that you can”. – The Universe (Mike Dooley)


Why not just wait for your ship to come in?

your dream ship is dependent upon you to untie the rope that holds it to the dock!Because your dream ship is dependent upon you to untie the rope that is holding it to the dock!  It cannot loosen itself.  Once you untie it, your boat is free to move and as it moves, you learn to ride together, traveling to places neither has yet imagined!

How to loosen your dream ship from the dock?  Follow these 4 simple, yet powerful motions and you will be on your way:


  1. DEFINE your dream.  DEFINE your passion.  DEFINE the essence of what it is you want from your dream.  (It’s ok at this beginning stage to keep the topic broad.)  Example: Define the dream: I want to travel!  Passion:  My passion is traveling!  Essence (What will having this give you?):  When I travel I feel alive, free and adventurous!
  2. DECLARE.  Declare your worthiness to experience this dream in your life……now.  “I am worthy to allow my dream of travel to be experienced now and throughout my entire life!  I am worthy.  (Repeat this daily as it will help transform any limiting beliefs you have about your worthiness to have it.)
  3. ALLOW.  Allow your passion to become ‘you’ by using the phrase ‘I Am’…….Example:  “I Am a traveler” and “I Am an allower of traveling experiences to come into my life”.  (Use of “I Am” is very powerful, so use it often)  Then, FEEL the allowing of it!  Let it open up your heart so you can feel the energy of it!
  4. BEGIN.  Complete the untying of your dream ship by taking inspired action.  (NOTE:  The first 3 steps are vital to setting your dream ship free.  Without doing the previous steps, you cannot experience the fullness of the journey.  SO many ports of call will be missed because you will not recognize them as dream-come-true opportunities.)  Begin with one small action that inspires you, then take another.  Remember: ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER, so act on your inspiration and more opportunities will present themselves to you, quickly!

Here is an example of the 4 steps using my dream of travel to show you how it works:Define. Declare. Allow. Begin

Step 1: DEFINE.  “I want to travel!  Travel IS my passion!  When I travel I feel alive, free and adventurous!  (Notice how the statements are framed in the ‘positive’.  No limiting beliefs are allowed, such as ‘I don’t have enough money or time’)

Step 2:  DECLARE.  “I am worthy to allow my dream of travel to be experienced now and throughout my entire life!  I am worthy!”

Step 3:  ALLOW.  “I Am a traveler!!!!!  I AM an allower of traveling experiences to flow through my life!!!

Step 4:  BEGIN:  From an inspired thought, “I am going to a local park or beach this weekend.  I Am now a traveler and this is just the first of many varied experiences in store for me!  While there, I will explore, hike, picnic, swim, spend time with nature and discover the beauty of my surroundings!  YES, I am beginning my life as a traveler this weekend!  Next month, I will continue by accepting a long-standing invitation to spend a weekend on my friend’s boat.  More traveling experiences for me!  She said we can travel down the river and stop at several small towns along the way to shop, explore and wander!  (Sounds like traveling to me!!).  I can travel…..now!  I can experience adventure and freedom….today!  I see already that one thought and inspired action always leads to another now that I have untied my dream ship!  I am open to experiencing freedom and adventure however it comes.  I am already noticing that my ports of call will be numerous and surprising!

My real life example:

100_2135Yes, my dream is to travel!  I declared a few years ago that I AM a traveler!  I want to share with you a wonderful example of how allowing and ‘being’ my dream gives the Universe lots of leeway to surprise and delight:  About 10 months ago, our family declared that we would experience a dream vacation to Orlando (not knowing exactly how the money would flow towards us).  Air travel is required and airfare for 6 is a chunk of change. About a month ago, I was rustling through the daily mail and noticed a small message typed at the bottom of an envelope of what I thought would be junk mail.  I opened it, and long story short, by attending an hour session, we received 2 round trip tickets to anywhere in the U.S.!  Then, my daughter casually told me the other day that because of her airline points, she can purchase her companion’s round trip ticket for just $99!!!

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Pick a dream, follow the 4 steps and untie your dream ship!

So, my fellow “Come to the Edge Today” companions, untie your dream ships – all of them!  It’s worth it!

Writing from Ft.Lauderdale beach 🙂 – Joan Kappes

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