Voila! Your Bounty Just Showed Up!

Surprise, delight and unlimited bounty stand right in front of us (!), yet many times we don’t see it until we look, relax and naturally open ourselves to the moment, and………….voila!  There it is!

pumpkin 3My delightful surprise came recently as a gift from my garden.  My daughter planted seeds earlier this season and didn’t remember what she planted.  By August, huge leaves with yellow flowers had literally taken over the garden area, the compost pile and the fence above it. I decided to let nature take its course; I let them be and allowed them to spread wherever they wanted (no matter what they were).  This past weekend I glanced at the massive leaves, looked up, and saw that 3 pumpkins had decided to gift us with their presence – 2 of them supported from their vine hanging from a very flimsy fence!  Two days later, the larger one had nearly doubled in size!  Such a delight – showing up all on their own to surprise and delight us, with little to no effort on our part!

Our lives are like that, aren’t they?  We want life’s bounty to grace us, yet we often meddle and try to control the ‘hows’ and ‘whens’.  Then, when we just let go a little and trust that the seeds of our desire have been planted and are growing…. voila!  There it is!  – the essence of what we wanted with the ‘how’ of it delivered every so cleverly and lovingly by a Universe who delights in exceeding the farthest reaches of our imagination!

So, my friends living life at “The Edge”, look around, relax, naturally open to the moment, and…Voila!Pumpkin 1

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Make your intention today to be open to the surprises that are ready to grace your day.  About once an hour, stop what you’re doing and take 4-5 deep, slow breaths that will help you slow down and refocus towards living the moment.  Use your senses to just be aware.  Don’t try to find a surprise; just enjoy these moments and naturally allow yourself to be surprised by the Universe.  Notice what shows up that surprises you and causes you to smile (something that a minute before was oblivious to you).  Voila!  Give thanks and grin again!

“Do not delay in enjoying this fruit, precious child, for your bounty grows more plentiful as you harvest its life-giving offspring in your thoughts and deeds.  There is no diminished supply of this Love, and the bounty is yours to feast upon and to share.” – Doreen Virtue (Angel Therapy)

pumpkin 2

– Voila! – Joan Kappes  (oh, and yes, these photos are the 3 pumpkins that showed up!)

Joan Kappes

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