Strangers That Warm Our Heart

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”  ― John Holmes


VentrilockThis is a short story as most pay-it-forward stories are, yet their impact lasts a lifetime for both the receiver and the giver.

Last week, we met my in-laws for breakfast at a local restaurant.  Irene is 90 and Bill is 92.  They have been married 70 years this past July.

Irene walked up to our table with spunky, sparkling eyes and said “We have big news for you!”  Both sat down and she began her story.  “Yesterday, we went to Jensen’s Restaurant for breakfast.  As we waited for a table, we talked with 3 young women (probably in their late 20’s).  We told them that we celebrated our 70th wedding anniversary this year.  THEY SIMPLY COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!  They thought it was fantastic and amazing that we could be married that long! They told a story of how their parents were married for 50 years, but….70!”

As Irene shared her story, you could feel the pride and joy in her voice as she recalled the acknowledgement and lovely encounter.  It was delightful to be swept up in her excited energy!

Then, she exclaimed:  “When we went to pay for our meal, the waitress said, ‘Oh, those 3 women over there already paid for your meal’.  We went over there to thank them for their generosity and they said, ‘Thank You’ for being such an example to us’!!!   We were flabbergasted!!”

Bill, who had been quiet during the telling of the story, smiled-happiness flowing from his eyes, too.  They had just been acknowledged by a stranger for a lifelong commitment.  This meant more to Bill and Irene (a couple who rarely allowed their accomplishments to be known) than words could ever express.

They were truly touched by this genuine act of appreciation and connection.  This became a treasured gift for all involved; this memory will last forever.

Pay-it-forward acts of appreciation are powerful because they come from the heart and soul.  Words cannot describe the Love behind the touch of one soul to another soul and I guess they don’t need to because ‘we know it when we see it’, (or rather, ‘we know it when we feel it’) don’t we?  Can you recall a soul to soul gift of Love you received or gave in your lifetime?  (Recall the feeling and enjoy it now!)

Today’s ‘leaping’ exercise:  Make your day and another’s by scheming and delivering delightful surprises Stuart Milesto a loved one or stranger! It’s so much fun to look for opportunities to spread joy!   Listen to your heart for inspiration and feel the happiness of it.  Let your soul delight and surprise their soul!  (After all, that’s what life at “Come to The Edge” is all about – creating and  co-creating experiences where we really l-i-v-e!)

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Photos courtesy of   Stuart Miles/Ventrilock

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