The Best Halloween Costume – Ever!

I love Halloween!  It brings out the magic and playfulness in all of us, doesn’t it?  It’s no wonder Halloween has become a $7 billion dollar event!

debspoonsSo, what to be this year?  I can be anything!  It’s a field day for my imagination!  I can be a genie, a princess, a doctor, a pirate, a famous person, an athlete, an astronaut, a creepy monster……………Wow.

Then, it occurred to me – How often during the year do I already pretend to be someone else?  How often do I assume another’s persona?   How often do I put on another’s boots and walk in the path of their expectation or masquerade as the personality of my fears?  How often do I wear a mask that isn’t me – a mask that is binding and stifling, viewing the world through two narrow eyeholes?

I am meIf, on Halloween I can be whoever I want to be, then this year I’ve decided to let go of the mask, the costume and the boots.  This year (and ALL year long), I’m going as ME!!!

The “Me” look is Fabulous (and looks great on you too!) – Joan Kappes

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