The Trash That Dreams Are Made Of

landfillInspiration is everywhere.  It cares not of perceived worthiness, fame, social status or any other kind of status.  Inspiration gives itself to those who are open to hearing its melody & to those who are willing to follow its path.

This is the amazing story of the townspeople of Cateura, Paraguay (Favio, Don, Miriam, Ada and all the children).  These are people who heard the melody in their hearts and quite simply, took inspired action.  They turned their focus from what ‘is’ (poverty, squalor, contamination…) to focusing on hope and a new reality through the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra, a children’s orchestra made from the recycled trash of the landfill upon which they live and depend for income.

Allow yourself the time to be inspired by this short video (below) and/or the full 60 minutes story (click link) of the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra.  Be transformed by a teacher, an artisan (who didn’t know he was an artisan), townspeople who dreamed of a better life for their children and a group of amazing children who heard the call of the music and followed it……..right into our hearts.


YouTube Link for above video:  YouTube – LandfillHarmonic

Today’s ‘leaping’ exercise:  Consider these quotes from the video

“I thought trash was useless” – Ada, 15 year old musician

“I couldn’t believe you could make music with trash” – Volunteer musician/teacher from Maryland

“Send us your garbage and we’ll send it back to you as music” – Favio Chavez, creator of Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

Ponder your responses and listen for your heart’s response:

  • What is the ‘trash’ you live with in your life?  Like Ada used to believe, do you think that trash is useless?  Could you imagine creating a new reality around it, like the townspeople did with recycling trash to a new purpose?
  • Where is your focus – is it on the ‘poverty’ it causes or is your focus on the music that could come from it?
  • Do you believe it is possible for you to make music with your trash?
  • What music could you create with it?  Is there one note you could play today that could shift your focus from ‘lack’ to the music of inspiration?

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Image courtesy of Creative Visions Foundation, video courtesy of Youtube

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