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The ‘To-Do’ List Takeover

December 18, 2013

I felt it coming.  Sweeping into my life, predictably showing up 5-10 days before Christmas, the annual Christmas ‘To-Do’ list takeover.  Through the years it has become an expert in overwhelming my thoughts, actions, feelings, schedule and everything else connected with the last two weeks of December.  I become a robot, transfixed with checking off […]

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‘Follow Your Bliss’ – Sometimes Scary, But Always Worth it

December 10, 2013

“Follow your bliss” – Easier said than done sometimes, yet always worth it. I had a crossroads choice today.  I could go with my familiar ‘you should do this’ option, or choose the option at ‘the edge’ where I would need to leap into the unknown. From a logical point of view, I ‘should’ have […]

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