‘Follow Your Bliss’ – Sometimes Scary, But Always Worth it

“Follow your bliss” – Easier said than done sometimes, yet always worth it.

bliss2I had a crossroads choice today.  I could go with my familiar ‘you should do this’ option, or choose the option at ‘the edge’ where I would need to leap into the unknown.

From a logical point of view, I ‘should’ have chosen the opportunity presented to me as it would have spurred my life coaching and my passionate message to you of living life with joy on a fast track.  My monkey mind was saying, “But, this is the opportunity of a lifetime!  But, who are you to refuse such an offer!  But, but, but…………”  My insides, however, were lovingly prodding me that this would not be the perfect path for me; this was clearly illuminated through my journaling and the sick feeling I had on the inside as I considered  the ramifications of saying yes.  Still, the ‘shoulds’ continued running through my thoughts.

Then, I imagined what it would feel like to say ‘no’ and what it would feel like to say ‘yes’.  This too was clear.  My heart was saying I wouldn’t like how I would feel taking this path as it currently stood.  Yet, my thoughts kept saying, “But, this is the opportunity of a lifetime!  But, who are you to refuse such an offer!  But, but, but…………”

I was proud that I kept open to the process.  Next, I played the What-if game:   “What if” I chose this way?  “What if” I chose that way, imagining how it would feel to live a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ path.

It became clear to me that this was a moment for me to follow what I have been writing about for so long:  Listen to my heart, act from what I hear and follow my bliss (even though logic demanded otherwise and the result was unknown).  Funny side note:  the assumption I made was that saying ‘yes’ was a known path!  Not!

I decided to let go, trusting that there would be many other options presented to me that would be more in line with my intentional joy path.  Going with the guidance I felt within, I picked up the phone and declined the offer.  RELIEF!  (FYI, I knew prior to the phone call that relief would be the result because of the imagining games I played above.)

Low and behold, 3 hours later, I received a phone call from the person whose offer I declined earlier, offering a wonderful option that fits perfectly with what I want for my life’s experience!  A win-win for both of us!

What is most important to me is I let the ‘shoulds’ go.  I listened and remained true to my heart’s message! luigi diamanti THIS is the true joy of the story.  I DID IT and the magic followed.

Today’s ‘leaping’ exercise:  Next time you have a crossroads choice, try the following:

  • Give yourself time to quiet your mind and open your heart.  (Meditate, sit in silence or listen to quiet music)
  • Time to journal.  Be incredibly honest with yourself.   Express your feelings, pros, cons, etc.  Get it all out on paper
  • Next, imagine what it feels like to say ‘no’ and what it feels like to say ‘yes’.  (Note:  Feelings are your heart/soul’s language!  Pay attention!  ‘Good’ feelings are saying ‘yes’ and negative feelings are saying ‘no’)
  • Now, play the What-if game:   “What if” I choose this way?  “What if” I choose that way, imagining how it would feel to live a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ path.  Listen to what your heart/gut is saying to you
  • Take time to sit with what you are hearing and feeling.
  • Decide with awareness and intention.  Trust yourself that what you are hearing is your truth guided by your heart/soul
  • Let it go. Leap.  Give thanks.  Allow yourself to receive from The Universe

Leaping with the intention of following our bliss is really living.  Listening with intention and acting in faith is totally ‘safe’ because we are leaping with God/Source.  There is no need to look for a net either, because when we leap with our heart, there is no bottom, only unlimited sky from which to soar.

This is really living – Joan Kappes


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