The ‘To-Do’ List Takeover

Stuart Miles 2I felt it coming.  Sweeping into my life, predictably showing up 5-10 days before Christmas, the annual Christmas ‘To-Do’ list takeover.  Through the years it has become an expert in overwhelming my thoughts, actions, feelings, schedule and everything else connected with the last two weeks of December.  I become a robot, transfixed with checking off items on ‘the list’ – sometimes, even checking it twice!

True to form, it arrived on schedule but this year I didn’t struggle with its entrance or give it much attention.  In fact, I barely noticed its arrival.  I greeted it and acknowledged the To-Do list (which I really do want to complete), but this year, instead of turning myself over to its frantic, ‘gotta-do-it-now-and-do-it-right’ robot mode, I am approaching the whole list and season differently.

Rather than reacting, I have created a new perspective about the list and the potential it holds to experience joy and happiness because of it.  Instead of being controlled by it, I am deliberately choosing to complete each item with intention and love for the people who are the receivers (whether it is grocery shopping, baking cookies or planning a party) and, just as important, I am choosing to experience each item on the list with an elf-like spirit of fun, playfulness and joy (yes, even cleaning the house)!  I am being deliberate about what I am doing and why I am doing it.  Such a difference in the quality of my days!

Elf shoes TinyPic


I renamed it too.  Rather than the ‘To-Do’ list, it is now my ‘Elf’ list.  Sounds like more fun, doesn’t it?



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, my fellow elves!Joan Kappes

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