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The Beauty of Now

January 30, 2014

Early this morning, I let the dog out and discovered two inches of snow had fallen with three more on the way.  I  groaned and said to myself, “More winter; today it’s snow instead of cold.”  I felt resigned. Stuart, my Yorkie Poo was eagerly expecting his morning walk (always the highlight of his day).  […]

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‘Come to the Edge Today!’ Audio/Radio Show

January 24, 2014

__________________________________________________ What is joy?  Where does it come from?  Why do some seem to ‘have it’ and others struggle to ‘find it’?  I asked for inspiration and wisdom around this ever present, yet sometimes illusive essence called joy.  Well, inspiration took over and I have uncovered some amazing truths about joy – where it lives […]

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The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution

January 1, 2014

We are “Come to the Edge Today” people, striving to live our lives to the fullest, answering daily invitations to grow and expand.  Because this is who we are, we view the approaching New Year as an opportunity for new insights, new beginnings, new resolutions.  We are determined and resolved to make changes.  Like you, […]

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