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What is joy?  Where does it come from?  Why do some seem to ‘have it’ and others struggle to ‘find it’?  I asked for inspiration and wisdom around this ever present, yet sometimes illusive essence called joy.  Well, inspiration took over and I have uncovered some amazing truths about joy – where it lives and how it is intertwined in the very fabric of who we are!

nuttakit,I am a firm believer in ‘one thing leading to another’ and, sure enough this focus and intention resulted in the creation of a new feature for our journeys together:

Come to the Edge Today Audio/Radio SHOW! (Adventures of growing and rediscovering your joy)


The purpose of the show:

To explore ‘Come-to-the-Edge-Today!’ living! Through fun and inspirational sharing of our guest’s life stories, we get a peek at how life unfolds for them after accepting the invitation to leap off their coulda-shoulda-woulda Merry-go-round, giving them access to higher levels of joy that all of us so often yearn for.

This is a ‘hands on’ show (complete with ‘leaping exercises’!).   My guests and I share our journeys, ‘ahas’, tips and tools so you can:

  • Become reacquainted with your inner joy
  • Uncover what holds you back from being ‘more’ and learn how to let go of what keeps you from experiencing higher levels of joy
  • Discover how to choose joy and experience it every day!


Details!  Details!

The inaugural show can be accessed here (click link).  This show includes:  What is ‘Come to the Edge Today!’ and how will it help you uncover what is holding you back from claiming and living your life of joy?  It also addresses the questions:  Where is joy?  What about those times when I’m not ‘feelin it’ and what about people who do not see themselves as the joyful-type?

Click here to listen or download all audio episodes 


Invite a friend and let’s journey together! – Joan Kappes


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