The Beauty of Now

Stuart 2014Early this morning, I let the dog out and discovered two inches of snow had fallen with three more on the way.  I  groaned and said to myself, “More winter; today it’s snow instead of cold.”  I felt resigned.

Stuart, my Yorkie Poo was eagerly expecting his morning walk (always the highlight of his day).  As I walked out the door, my head was multitasking and arranging the day, now with the addition of shoveling added to the list.

Walking up the driveway, I heard this clear voice inside of me say, ‘Joan, the beauty is ‘NOW’.  Your moment to live is ‘NOW’.  In an instant this reminder took me out of my multi-tasking mode into the present where immediately my focus and experience changed.

I heard chickadees (my favorite birds) calling to one another.  I heard the silence that comes with a snowfall. I experienced Stuart romping through the snow.  I experienced the magic of the pure white snow.

I felt the coolness of the snowflakes hitting my face.  I felt the warmth of 20 degree weather (recently it has been extremely cold).  I felt the familiar feeling of my feet plodding through unshoveled paths.

I saw swirls of snow gently falling from the gray sky.  I saw the evergreen trees welcome each snowflake as 0130140812they rested upon their needles.  Magnificence!

The ‘to do’ list vanished, the weariness of January winter disappeared.  I was filled with …….the moment.  It was peace and joy.  It was perfection.

Today’s ‘leaping’ exercise: Imagine that you hear an invitation from your heart.  What is it inviting you to experience this moment?  Stop what you are doing and thinking – let everything go for now.  Refocus on your senses.  What are you seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling and feeling?  Experience the moment.  (If this is new to you and seems awkward, it’s ok.  Just begin to practice.  There is always an open invitation from God/Source to ‘Come to the Edge’ to experience the beauty of this moment and the next and the next……..)

the beauty of now


The beauty and joy of our life is in this moment – Joan Kappes
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