How To Experience a Fabulous Life – Part 2

Well, how did it go?  Did you identify more with the cockatoo or the ibex?  On one topic were you more like the bird while another caused you to turn into the loveable ibex?  What else did you notice?  Did you discover thought patterns you weren’t aware of?  A revealing exercise, yes?

I am referring to Part 1 of this mini series:  How to Experience a Fabulous Life!

arztsamuiSummary of Part 1:  Imagine each thought you have as if it were a stick; one end of the stick represents what is ‘wanted’ by you and the other end represents what is ‘not wanted’.  ’What is wanted’ by you feels like relief; it feels pleasant, happy or just ‘good’.  It feels ‘downstream’, like you are going with the current in your boat, whereas ‘what is not wanted’ by you feels ‘upstream’, like you are paddling against the current in your boat.  It could feel frustrating, annoying, stressful or a myriad of other not-so-good feelings.  Example:  ’This RV is a lot of work and I’m tired of the maintenance” (This thought focuses on ‘what is not wanted’ and feels ‘upstream’).  Example:  ”This RV has given our family many years of good memories and it has been enjoyed by all of us” (This thought focuses on ‘what is wanted’ and feels ‘downstream’).

The key to experiencing a fabulous life is that we get to choose which ‘end of the stick’ to focus upon (and we do choose whether we are aware of it or not).  By becoming aware of this life-giving tool, we can create a new habit of choosing what is ‘wanted’ (what feels ‘downstream’) on all thoughts and subjects.  Why is this important?  Because we are creators and God/Source has gifted all of us with the gift of free will which is always honored.  If we continually choose (even by default) the ‘what is not wanted’ (upstream) end of the stick, we will experience the essence of that focus (that’s how free will ’works’).  Likewise, if we develop the habit of choosing and focusing upon the ‘what is wanted’ (downstream) end of the stick, we will experience the essence of that focus (free will works for this end of the stick too)!

Today in Part 2, you will discover how to make a change from one end of the stick to the other and refocus on what is wanted (so you can feel better now and begin to attract the ‘what is wanted’ experiences into your life.  The following strategy is guaranteed to help you feel better in just a few minutes by implementing these simple steps.

Today’s “leaping exercise”:

If you are feeling hope and joy and elation, NOW is a great time to 'milk' it and increase your vibration and good feelings! If you are feeling hope and joy and elation, NOW is a great time to ‘milk’ it and increase your vibration and good feelings!  For fun, watch the video again and dance with this darling bird! (The video is in Part 1) Then, make a list of 10 thoughts you are hopeful, joyful and elated about (they can be about any subject or subjects).  The point is to ‘milk’ feeling good.  Why?  Because, we get the essence of what we think (and feel) – so, if we are feeling good and deliberately focus on better feeling, downstream thoughts, more good thoughts will come which will lead to better life experiences (that’s the way it works, so might as well be deliberate about it)!

If you are feeling somewhat like the Ibex today, this is ok too.   When I feel this way, I give myself permission to ‘get it out’, sulk and be When feeling bad, it's important to acknowledge and accept where you are ('I am where I am, and it's ok'). crabby.  I give myself, for example, a few minutes, an hour or a day to ‘get it out’, knowing that once I do, I can refocus and move on.  So, for fun, play the video and pretend you are the Ibex reacting to the ‘what is not wanted’ end of the stick.

Now, here is the really great part!  If you want to feel better NOW by focusing on the ‘what is wanted’ end of the stick you can!  Even though you are disappointed and perhaps fearful or resigned (or whatever you are feeling), you can refocus to feel better NOW!  Will you be dancing like the Cockatoo in 5 minutes?  No, but you can feel better than you do right now!

How to do this?  By refocusing using ‘general’ thoughts.  Simply, these thoughts are broader in nature – they are not specific.  It’s THE best place to begin to feel better.

When you are feeling down, aware that you are focused on the upstream, ‘what is unwanted’ end of the stick, stay general in your thoughts, as a broader focus on any topic will turn your thoughts around, little by little.  Getting too specific with your thoughts when feeling down will just make it worse.

Example:  Imagine it is election night and you just received news that the candidate you absolutely ‘cannot stand’ just won.  You feel dread, frustration, disappointment and many other feelings; you are in a bad mood!  After giving yourself some time to sulk, you decide that you do not want to stay in these lower level vibrations.  You are dedicated to feeling better, regardless of the circumstances and you decide to look for something on the ‘other end of the stick’ to focus upon.  There is no way you can feel better by specifically focusing upon the newly elected official (and may never be able to), but you do want to focus more positively on the subject of your country.

Choose your thoughts!Following is an example of ‘general’ thoughts located on the downstream, ‘wanted’ end of the stick regarding the election.  As you read the following, feel if any give you some relief.  The goal is to find some relief, then build upon these thoughts.  (Simple, yet very powerful when practiced!)

  • “Yesterday, I was furious.  Today I feel disappointed.”
  • “Some years my candidates win and other years they do not…I know that this process has been in existence for 200+ years.  It’s a good system.”
  • “I know that Americans want the best for our country and we each have our own opinion about how it should be.”
  • “There have been other elections where my candidate did not win and I’m still here.”
  • “I like living in the U.S. where each citizen has a right to vote”
  • “I am glad I voted.”
  • “Progress seems slow, but over time I notice that we learn and grow as individuals and citizens.”

Notice how each of the statements above are very general.  The more something is upsetting to you, the more general the thoughts should be (for relief purposes).  After feeling some relief, ‘milk’ those statements with more and more relief-providing thoughts.  Then, as you feel better, you will notice thoughts perhaps becoming more specific.  (Try it!  This really works!)

OK, your turn.  Choose a topic where you know you are focusing on the upstream, ‘what is unwanted’ end of the stick.  Write 10 statements ofIamnee your own that are general in nature, feeling for thoughts that give you relief.  Allow even more ‘downstream’ thoughts to come to you, giving you even more relief.  Feel what happens!

Another tool for learning how to refocus:  I suggest the 4 minute process (which can be used around any subject), called “The Focus Wheel” process.  Click the link for the how-to video for using this powerful process.

No matter how you are feeling in this momentchoose to feel better now by deliberately choosing one thought that gives you a feeling of a little relief, then choose the next relief-producing thought, and the next.  Develop this habit and the magic of the Universe will deliver more than you can imagine!

Choosing to feel better day by day – Joan Kappes

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