The Power of Your ‘I Am’

I am 3We all use the expression ‘I am’… many times throughout the day. How are you using yours?  What if you knew how to use this life-changing, life-giving power?


I had the privilege of being interviewed by Danielle Baker Dailey, creator of ‘Moving Forward’ Radio and Dailey Life Coaching. We shared this VERY powerful use of this VERY powerful tool. I shared my story of how I came to effectively use the ‘I am’s in my life as well as providing three life-enhancing, easy to use tips for how to use your ‘I am’s!   (See below for complete audio)


Postlude: Soon after posting the audio online, THE MAGIC HAPPENED:  Danielle received the following from a wonderful woman and her son regarding their experience of the audio reflection.  Following is their story (used with permission):

“My son (13 and living with autism) has been going through some hard times lately. Most recently he has been suspended from school. I had him listen to the latest recording “I AM…” and this is what he handed me when I walked in the door after work. He wants to listen to it again! Thanks for all your blessing you give to the world.”

I Am 4


Listen above or Download “The Power of Your ‘I AM’, Part 1”
Download “The Power of Your ‘I AM’, Part 2”


Today’s ‘leaping’ exercise: Relax, get your favorite beverage and listen to the audio (60 minutes of reflection, laughter, insights and inspiration!).  Immediately after the program while it’s still fresh in your heart and mind, write your ‘I AM’ list.  Feel it.  Reflect upon it.  Post it where you can see it often throughout the day.  Revel in the you that you are!


Life is full of magic and often we are honored with the gift of holding the wand….and even more, sometimes we are doubly honored by seeing the ripples of the waves that were created – – Joan Kappes
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