Claim it! Claim it all!

Upon accepting Life’s daily invitation to ‘Come to the Edge Today!’ I continue to discover the beauty and depth of the ‘real’ me.  Recently, a new height for my exploration has been revealed – another level of living that is even better than my current one!

dan1,This new level is found in two simple words: ‘Claim it’.  Yes, ‘Claim it’.

‘I claim who I am. I claim my joy. I claim my confidence. I claim my talents. I claim my ability to love and be loved. I claim my interests. I claim my passions. I claim my heart’s desires. I claim my abundance. I claim my healing. I claim my freedom. I claim my magnificence. I claim…Me!’

To claim something is extremely powerful.  When I lay claim to an aspect of the ‘real’ me, there is feeling of ownership and a ‘clicking in’ with my heart and soul that says, ‘Yes!  This is You!  You go, girl!’.  There is a connection to God/Source who already knows this about me and is revealing these aspects to me and is rooting for me and supporting me.  This connection feels great!

And, when you lay claim to any or all aspects of the ‘real’ you, the same happens for you too.

Claiming something means taking ownership of it.  Imagine you are claiming a monetary Kane Gledhillgrand prize! It is yours – a free gift specifically for you.  Imagine the feeling of winning.  Instantly, you imagine a million ways to use the money.  You are off-the-charts with excitement and anticipation!  It is yours to use in any way you choose.  You drive to the prize headquarters, burst through the doors and proudly declare, “I am ___________ and I am here to claim my prize!”

This gift of ‘claiming’ is the gift Life gives each of us to use in any way we choose.  We can use it every day and every hour for every subject and every aspect of who we are, claiming them all with the same energy we had when winning the grand prize!  What to claim? Claim who you are, claim what you want, claim what you are capable of, claim your joy, claim your confidence, claim your talents, claim your ability to love and be loved, claim your passions, claim your heart’s desires, claim your abundance, claim your healing, claim your freedom, claim your interests, claim the beauty and love and joy that is you, claim your magnificence, claim your everything!

siraphatWhy does this matter?  When you freely proclaim and lay claim to all the amazing aspects of you (including your desires), you open the channel for God/Source via law of attraction to co-create with you in ways that until now may have seemed illusive or perhaps just out of reach.  Life at ‘the edge’ is intentional and bold and new and co-creative; when you let go and leap into who you really are by claiming and taking ownership of you, then the co-creative dance of life really becomes fun!  (And besides, it feels really, really good!)

Today’s ‘leaping’ exercise:  Imagine the above scenario of winning a monetary grand prize.  Fill in the details – the amount, scenario, location, etc.  Imagine what you will do with all the money.  Feel the feelings as you burst through the doors stating boldly, ‘I am __________and I am here to claim my prize!’.  Next, write at least 10 claims about aspects of you and about what you want for your life.  In BOLD, CAPITAL LETTERS, proclaim on paper (and aloud), ‘I am ____________and I am here to claim_______________(list the 10)!  Feel the feelings of ownership and the clicking in with your heart/soul.  Feel God/Source supporting and rooting for you!  This next step is optional, but Very fun…. Go outside, put your hands in the air and boldly proclaim to the world, ‘I DID IT’ I claimed ME!’).

Create the habit of ‘claiming’ every day and delightfully experience what happens!


Staking a claim on my life at ‘The Edge’! (The view and experiences up here are great!) – Joan Kappes

Claim it all 5-1-14

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