Your Lens on the World

arztsamui2Imagine you live in a world where everyone must wear eye glasses in order to experience life.  The optometrist does not prescribe the lenses, each person does………through their thoughts.  In this world each thought can instantaneously change the lens to whatever the thought dictates.  The wearer has complete control over which lenses will be used. Each lens provides the means for the thought to come to light.

This is a magical world!  Anything can be created and experienced through this system:  Beauty, unlimited creativity, inventions, adventure, perseverance, passion, joy, love, intimacy, happiness, hope,winnond freedom, oneness as well as despair, hopelessness, confusion, blockages of love, separation, lack, self- hatred, fear.  Anything is possible.  And because it works through the ease of the thought/lens interplay, it can and is changed instantaneously, hundreds of times each day.

In this world, each person has complete control over which lens they will view through.  This control is attained by simply (yet powerfully) becoming aware of where they are focusing their thoughts.  This is a huge piece of information because the lens is the portal and the means for how life will be experienced.  This is why each person’s experience is unique (even if the activity or event is experienced simultaneously with another).

Suat EmanThere was a long period of time when the people of this world thought the lenses were supplied by the optometrist.  They even believed that the lenses were supplied by the boss, the spouse, the lover, the neighbor, the economy and even by bad or good luck.  It never arztsamui3occurred to them that they were given the glasses and lenses as a gift of the Creator to be used as tools to play, grow, create and co-create with others AND to re-discover the wonder of who they really are.

One by one, the people began to awaken to this gift of the lens.  They began practicing and playing with the lenses.  They tried them on, experimenting with each one, then deliberately choosing which lenses they preferred.  Viewing through lenses of choice is now making a monumental difference in the quality of their life and the quality of their world.  They are expanding and growing and ‘living’ in ways that were once beyond their wildest dreams!

dan4This world is our world!  These glasses are our glasses.  These lenses are our gift.  Are you ready to play and experiment with some new ones?  Try ‘em on, use them consistently and see what happens!


Today’s ‘leaping’ exercise: Notice!  Become aware of the lenses that you currently use throughout zirconicussoyour day.  Spend several days noticing and discovering which lenses you use most.  Then, from the list below (or make your own), write the top 10 lenses you intend to use.  Place this list in several locations so you see them often.   Purchase a pair of glasses (any kind will do) and remove the lenses.  Place the frames in a prominent spot (kitchen, auto, work, etc.) as a reminder that you decide which lenses in which to view and experience your world!  Have fun and play!

Partial list of lenses:

Fear, Grief, Depression, Despair, Powerlessness, Insecurity, Guilt, Unworthiness, Jealousy, Hatred, Rage, Revenge, Anger, Discouragement, Blame, Worry, Doubt, Disappointment, Overwhelment, Frustration, Irritation, Impatience, Pessimism, Boredom, Contentment, Hopefulness, Optimism, Positive Expectation, Belief, Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Happiness, Passion, Joy, Appreciation, Empowered, Freedom, Love

Lookin’ good in your rose colored glasses! – Joan Kappes

Photos courtesy of Free Digital Photos / Arztsamui, Winnond, Suat Eman, Dan, Zirconicusso

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