Jump Into Your Happyness Circle!



Step into your Happyness Circle!!!  Better yet, JUMP IN!

Let go!


Be Curious!




     Do what you would you have done with this drawing at      age 4 or 6 or 8

     Take a chance……….and Live Free!

100_3392Today’s ‘Leaping Exercise’:  Make your own chalk ‘Happyness Circle’ on your sidewalk or driveway (and yes, feel free to spell it as ‘happyness’, just for fun!)  Physically step into your circle!  Invite friends and neighbors to do the same!  If you cannot draw on the street, draw it on a piece of paper, share it and carry it with you.  Step!  Jump!  Leap!  Take a chance…..to be happy!

Happiness is indeed….”Here” – Joan Kappes100_3391

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Thanks to Ellen Kappes for spreading her joy in the photos!     


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