New Adventures Coming Soon!

logo5It’s time to fly higher and leap ‘bigger’, Come to the Edge Today! travelers!

A new format is coming very soon with even greater opportunities to discover the majesty, Love and depth of Who-we-really-are.  This new approach will incorporate the wisdom we have uncovered here at ‘The Edge’ these past 4+ years leading us to even more discoveries and ‘ahas’ in this adventurous life we are living.

If you are new to our community at ‘Come to the Edge Today!’, join us.  You will fit right in as your wisdom and searching has led you right here!  Feel free to explore the dozens of topics and reflections (complete with ‘leaping’ exercises) contained within.  This site is a gift to you with the purpose of providing a unique, personal space for you to uncover the magic and beauty of who You really are by answering Life’s invitation to ‘Come to the Edge Today!’, taking your leap and l-i-v-i-n-g, perhaps for the first time.  (If you’re wondering what is ‘Come to the Edge Today!, listen to an interview which explains everything!  Click this link and listen to episode 1.

So, while I eagerly put together the new format, continue listening, hearing and answering Life’s daily, loving invitation to embrace the magnificence of You!

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