All You Need Is Your Spark


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Leaping Exercise: Use the above as a reflection and jumping off place for journaling.

Pretend you are one of the stars in the above photo. Imagine you are a spark of Divinity.

The following are a few journaling ideas for you to engage your imagination and your heart as you connect with who you really are:

  • As a spark of Divinity, what feelings do I feel during my day?  What thoughts do I think about myself, family, co-workers, government officials, etc.?
  • What beliefs do I live by?
  • What is my perception of the people and circumstances in my life?
  • If I do not view myself as a Divine spark, what thoughts do I currently have that do not serve me?
  • What would I be able to do or be or have if I really believed I was a Divine spark connected to Source?
  • How could my life change if I believed this (even if I believed it just a little)?
  • As a spark of Divinity, how and why does trusting myself, my dreams and my intuition fit into all of this?
  • If I am reading this, do I trust that I am reading this for a reason? Could it be that this is no accident? What could this mean for me, now…..

The above are just a few ideas to open up the portal for awareness that you indeed, are a spark of Divinity!  Keep writing and go with the flow of inspiration that you are now receiving! If you are not ‘hearing’ anything at this moment, keep your heart open and you will receive insights in a few hours or a day or two.

Daily affirmation: I AM a spark of Divinity. I am connected with the Divine Creator and because I am connected, I trust my dreams and my intuition.  I am willing and able to let go of thoughts that no longer serve me. I trust my connection with Source.  I have everything I need to live my life in happiness, fulfillment, love and joy.

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