Will You Allow Perfection?

It is lovely to receive a message that you know is given ‘just for you’.  Recently, I re-read a section from my meditation journal.  This one grabbed me and I am drawn to share it with you.  Perhaps it too, is written ‘just for you.’

“Everything is wrapped in Love and Light.

Wrapped in Love’s cocoon, everything unfolds beautifully.

It’s ok to experience perfection.

It’s ok to experience perfection.

You fear that it will not turn out.

Holding on in fear or control does not serve you.

It is an illusion of security.

It’s ok to let go.

Focus on the essence of what you want……..

We want you to have perfection –

And perfection is all that is ever created.

Perfection is all that is given.

Perfection is all that is given.View your minutes, days and life as the receiver of perfection.

It is our non-physical standard and it can be yours too.


Focus upon it.

You are always receiving it, so allow yourself to experience it.

Allow yourself to let go.

Let Us bring it to you.

It is and always will be….perfect”

Today’s “leaping exercise“:  Find a comfortable spot and gently breathe in and out, in and out.  Release any thoughts that are coming and going.  Read the above 3 times, then choose the  phrase that stands out for you.  Write that phrase 10 times in your journal and allow yourself to receive whatever message is intended for you as you write.  Trust the message and its perfection for you.  Re-read your journal entry at least once each day for 7 days.

Trust the perfection of the Giver – Joan Kappes

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