You & Joy – Strange-Bedfellows? (Not Anymore)

JK - saiIt is fall and stores are brimming with Christmas wares from decorations to bobbles to greeting cards.  Everywhere I see – ‘Wishing you Joy this season!  Joy to the World!  Joy to you this season!’

It would be easy to take the cynical route and complain about the commercialization of Christmas and the holiday season, yada, yada, yada, but today I am walking a different path – one that is to me, much more enlightening.  Will you join me?

These seasonal wishes and greetings have certainly passed the test of time, haven’t they?  They are gifts given throughout the ages that point to something much deeper than words on a Christmas card or a nice, warm feeling during the holidays.

Joy is something we yearn to experience and wish for others, but what is it, really?

At ‘Come to the Edge Today!’ we take advantage of the imagination our hearts so freely offer; the answer lies in a ‘stretch’ of the heart’s imagination called “What if?”

What if… Joy is more than what I see others experiencing

What if… Joy is more than a feeling I experience once in a while

What if… Joy is beyond anything I can think or feel

What if…Joy is not felt because of an outward cause and effect

What if… Joy goes even deeper than the presence of God I feel surrounding me now and then

What if… Joy is much deeper and more intimate that I think

Joy -You Strange Bedfellows - 10-28-15What if… (This is where you allow your heart and its imagination to take over!)………

What if… Because you are made from the Creative Source of All, Joy is part of the essence of you

What if… There was a microscope that could see that Joy is part of the makeup of your DNA

What if…… ”You are Joy looking for a way to express.  It’s not just that your purpose is Joy, it is that you are Joy.  You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing.  Energy – frolicking and eager – that’s who you are.” – Abraham

Let this soak in!  Give it your daily attention and you will experience a wonderful unfolding.

Today’s ‘Leaping Exercise’:  Continue using your imagination.  Sit in a quiet place and ponder (before going to bed or rising each morning is a perfect time) what it feels like to have Joy part of my DNA?  How does my body function knowing that Joy entwines with every cell?  Imagining this is true, how do I perceive my day and the people I interact with? How do I think and act?  What impact does this have in my life?  What can this do for my life? Do I accept this as a possibility?  Do I dare take the leap and uncover the Joy within?  Allow your heart to open the door – even just a little.  What have you got to lose?  Or better, what will you be gaining?

Open to the possibility that Joy is part of the fabric of You. You will be delighted at what you find.

“Dear Creator of All – I accept the possibility that I am more than I have been thinking myself to be.  I allow this new truth to take hold and I open my heart to lead me to knowing and experiencing that I AM Joy in all its beauty.  I AM Joy looking for a way to express.  It’s not just that my purpose is Joy, it is that I AM Joy.  I am love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing.  Energy – frolicking and eager – that’s who I AM.”

-You are truly Joy-Full! – Joan Kappes

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