Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life!

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You have the ability to  change your life’s trajectory……….


The premise is simple and profound



  • It is estimated that we think approximately 70,000 thoughts each day –  and most are repeats!
  • Definition of a belief: A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.  I’ll repeat this:  A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.  A belief is just a thought you keep thinking
  • Day by day, week by week, year by year these repeated thoughts become beliefs
  • Most beliefs go unchallenged; we assume they are ‘true’
  • Beliefs, conscious or subconscious are the drivers of our life because we get what we think and believe whether we want it or not

If beliefs are the drivers of our life and we get what we think and believe whether we mrpuenwant it or not, isn’t it a good (I would say ‘great’) idea to learn to be mindful of what we are thinking, repeating, then believing?

I do!  After discovering the above ‘aha’s, I committed to becoming aware of my thoughts and beliefs.  Learning how to use the gift of free choice, I developed the skill of questioning and developing new habits of thought which led to the development of new beliefs; I am thrilled to share with you (whoo!) that I am now in the driver’s seat of my boat and am mindfully setting the course for my life!

How did I do it?  (see ‘leaping’ exercises below)

First, I thought it would be fun to share with you a few of the beliefs I uncovered that were subconsciously driving my boat:

  • Multi-tasking is a way of life that is to be honored and mastered. Checking off as many items from my lengthy ‘to do’ list is a sign of my value
  • I am not a dog lover
  • Other people could do this task better than me
  • I am a good mother
  • If you really knew me, you would…………

After creating new habits of thought, I now am living from the following mindful beliefs (and, I might add, the resulting manifestations are wonderful!):

  • There is time for everything. I enjoy each moment knowing it is a gift to experience.  ‘Doing’ is a free choice and not a reflection of my value
  • I love dogs!
  • I have unique talents to share and am gifted in many ways. I have much to share with the world
  • I am a spark of Divinity. I am loving, whole, worthy and loved
  • I am a good mother and enjoy it more and more every year

I noticed that it does not serve me to judge the beliefs I uncover.  Noticing is all that is required because I have the powerful gift of free choice to decide if I want to continue living from that belief or if I want to change.  I also noticed that I did not want to change all the beliefs I uncovered.  I enjoy most of the beliefs I have, only now I am having more fun because I am aware of them and am consciously steering my boat.

Stuart Miles 5Today’s ‘leaping’ ExerciseHow to change a belief –  Here are the easy steps! *

  1.  Stop!  Stop what you’re doing for just a minute or two.

Why do this?  You are training yourself to slow down so you can learn mindfulness

  1.  Catch yourself thinking!  Notice your thoughts

Ask yourself this question many, many times each day: “What am I thinking about this     (circumstance, observation, conversation, etc.)?”

Why do this?  You are building your ‘awareness muscle’ of knowing what thoughts you’re thinking!

  1. Become aware:  “How does it feel to think/believe this thought?” 2:  Is there a thought I would I prefer to think (that would feel better)?

Why do this?  Building awareness of how thoughts and beliefs affect you is key to becoming the driver of your life

  1. Decide and declare: “I have free choice in what I think about this (circumstance, observation, conversation)”

Why do this?  Calling upon the gift of free choice is freeing and empowering; it is an essential element for creating life… your way.

  1. Choose: Using free choice, declare your thought with full awareness

Why do this?  Declarations are very powerful; they announce what is wanted and what is believed.  They are the ‘stuff’ of manifestation.belief check with no credits

  1. This step is very important.  Why?  Because this is where many of the ‘aha’s will be revealed.  Jot notes of your observations from the above steps for journaling.  Journal (the same day, if possible) using the above as your focus.  Ask and answer this question:  “What do I believe about (use the above to fill in the blank)?” I call it a ‘belief check’.  This reflection exercise really brings you to the nitty gritty of your beliefs, both conscious and subconscious.  The more you do this, the more the ‘aha’s will show themselves to you and the more you are free to decide what you want to believe (which ultimately results in what is manifested)!

*The steps are easy, however time and commitment are required for the most rewarding results


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“I’m glad you showed us how to create new beliefs.   I am still making progress a month later!  Thank you” – PR

“I had no idea.  Now the patterns of my life are beginning to make sense” – BF

This is fabulous!  I didn’t know I had a choice about what I believed” – KT


Beliefs the drivers 2-10-16

Change your beliefs, change your life! – Joan Kappes

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