The Gift of Receiving – All It Takes Is A Little Leap

This is a leap year – a ‘magical’ time that comes once every 4 years.  It’s like a ‘freebie’ from the Universe.  This year is a playful, imaginative and wonder-full opportunity to create and receive something new.

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Are you open to receiving something new – today? Are you willing to accept a gift meant exclusively for you?

All it takes is a little ‘leap’ ………..



Today’s ‘leaping’ exercise:



For just a few minutes, set aside the ‘doing’-‘shoulding’-needing–to-make-something-happen agenda.

Choose a place you enjoy that feels peaceful or take a walk in nature (if possible).  Turn your attention to listening…….to nature, to quiet uninterrupted space.


Turn off the inner and outer noise.




Breathe deeply.

Gently, set your intention to receiving something new from Creative Source.

Open to it.

Intend to believe that you will receive something either now or soon.



Be open to hearing something new.


Be open.



Let go of your agenda.



Feel the loving shiver of God run through your spine.

Receive the guidance, the Light, the Love.

Believe that all is well, because all IS well.  Your Loving Source surrounds you and blankets you with Love.

Be open to experiencing the purity of this moment.

Be open to receiving the Love in this moment.

Allow this experience to change you.




leap day gift

This leap can lead you to a life experience better than any you could imagine – Joan Kappes

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