Ripples – Are You Having Fun Creating Yours?

jackthummEach of us makes ripples…every day.

Are you having fun creating yours?

We never know the full impact of the ripples we create, however we can become aware that we are creating them and we can have fun with them as we throw those stones of thought, intention and action into our part of the lake.

Yes, Fun!  We adults often think of everything except having fun.  Have you ever considered the role fun plays in your life or how it makes an impact on your everyday interactions with yourself and others?

For me, experiencing the essence of fun and joy in my day is a high priority.  I allow myself to experience them often, however I learned that I have still have a lot to learn about where fun can enter and enrich my life.  For example, prior to meditation recently I was asked:  ‘Will you allow yourself to experience fun in meditation today?’  WHAT? It never occurred to me to experience fun while meditating.  I thought, ‘why not?’ It was amazingly open and new and…..yes, fun!  Where else can you (and I) allow fun in our days as we create ripples of thought, intention and action?

Fun is a high vibrating energy! Consider the value and impact en-joyment and fun play in your life and in the world by way of the ripples you create each day.

Today’s ‘leaping’ exercise:   What do you notice about those who allow fun and joy in their lives? What do you believe about fun? When was the last time you experienced the essence of fun?  What does the gift of fun open up for you as you live your day? Practice allowing fun – everyday!


Joy and fun are ripples of Love given to you and for you.

Creating ripples of fun without credits

Fun – it’s the stuff of Life at ‘The Edge’ – Joan Kappes

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