Opening the Lid of Your Dream Box – It’s Time


When we were young, we spent our days dreamingimagining, living a wonder-filled life of “what if”s.  We imagined ourselves to be anything.  Remember?

My imagination came to life through Barbie.  Yes, I was hooked on Barbie, Ken, Skipper – the whole gang.  Life was good at the Barbie and Ken house!  I was very shy when I was young, so Barbie really helped me to live out my adventures. What were some of your vivid dreams and imaginings?

The years pass… and we have ‘grown up’.  How are the dream/imagination adventures going these days?  Do we still use them everyday or have they been put away with the childhood toys?

box SAI imageIt’s time to “Come to the Edge Today!” and open up the “imagination box”.  There are oodles of dreams and imaginings in there!  Even though our adult conscious mind may not have allowed them, the dreamer part of us would not be kept at bay, so it lovingly tucked all of them away for a time when we would be ready to receive.  Our dreams  have exponentially multiplied!  As a matter of fact, there are new dreams you placed there just today!  The box is overflowing!  Can you feel them prodding you to open the lid? 

Here’s the daring part:  Begin to listen to them as they want to manifest in your life!   They have been stored, lovingly in your heart and if you are reading this, it’s time to allow them back into your thoughts, then into your experience.

Imaginationdreaming and belief, along with the gift of free choice are the tools we use to shape and form the life we truly desire.  So, dare to imagine!  Dare to dream!  Let them percolate. Begin to use that wonderful gift of dreaming and imagining again!

What comes after daring to allow them back into your life?…..The unfolding of your dreams into manifestation!

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Allow yourself 15 minutes to an hour (or as long as you desire).  With paper and pen, begin writing (or voice record) dreams you used to dream with your imagination.  Begin when you were small, then recall dreams as you grew older.  Re-mind yourself of recent dreams, wants and desires – even as recent as today.

Allow yourself to open the box and explore its contents.

When you feel you are complete, read the list slowly.  Acknowledge that these are yours…You created themNotice how full and rich they are.  Gently remind yourself that opening and acknowledging is enough for now.

For the next 30 days, read the list each day.  Dare to imagine them coming true – use all of your senses and savor the experience!  Try not to determine “how” they may manifest in your life – just imagine!  If you’d like, make a vision board with dreams on the list that have a special “pull” for you.  Keep it in a visible spot.

Be patient.  Be open. Be ready.  Life unfolds for you perfectly.  Know that you are supported by a Creator who dares to imagine everything!


Imagination is the voice of daring. If there is anything Godlike about God, it is that. God dared to imagine everything.” – Henry Miller


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Photos courtesy of Ruthi (a “leaper” who dared to Come to the Edge – literally!) and Tinypic

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