Love IS Love.

I saw this on a young woman’s Twitter feed this week: #LoveIsLove.  Her simple words inspired me to write this reflection (and ‘leaping’ exercise) and share it with you……..


Love is Love

No ‘ifs’. No ‘ands’. No ‘buts’.

Love Is Love. (period.)dot

No distinctions made of culture, race, creed, sex, orientation or any other human category.

No boxes of who is deserving and who is not.

Love IS

Love is One.

Love IS.

LoveISLove. (period.)

Today’s ‘leaping’ exercise: LoveISLove. This little red dot has the power to change your life – in fact, it has the ability to change the world.  It is ready and waiting for your willingness to ponder, notice, listen, then act on inspiration given to you via this exercise.  Yes, more than one day is required, however the benefits of committing are worth it!  Ready to rock your world? Ponder the phrase (say it out loud, if possible) ‘Love Is Love. (period)’ for an entire day.  Let it run through your mind over and over.  Notice and Listen: What, if any limitations or beliefs arise?  Ask yourself: ‘Do I believe this? Do I want to believe this?  What would my life look like if I did not believe these thoughts?’

Next, throughout the day, allow the phrase ‘Love Is Love. (period)’ to travel through your heart.  Notice and listen: How does it feel?  Are there any messages your heart has for you as it travels through your heart/soul center?  Feel the energy.  Are you open to what will happen if you let go of the boxes that confine Love in your life?  Are you open to taking the leap and allowing Love’s pure Light to flow?  Notice the inspiration and guidance that comes to you from this exercise. Act: Follow its path and open yourself to experiencing greater Love!  Notice! Enjoy!

Love is Love3

Love’s pure Light lives in all of us- Joan Kappes


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