2016 – Don’t Write It Off, Claim Your Blessings!

The talk around town this 2016 year is to be done with it.  Write it off.  Move on.

Clearly, this year was filled with wild cards and it is our tendency to wash our hands of what is unwanted and leave it behind.

2016-treasuresBut, wait!  Let us not so quickly write off an entire year!  An entire year of your life and mine, that upon closer viewing was filled with untold gems, Love, growth and blessing.  Will you ‘Come to the Edge’ with me for a few moments and explore 2016 through a broader lens?

Today’s leaping exercise: Reflect via journal or written list (you’ll be glad you did for future reference) the following questions.  Find your favorite comfortable spot, free of interruption for a few minutes and ponder the following:

  1. What are the top 10 (or as many as you’d like to recall) experiences I am thankful for this year? What?  Who?  How was this brought about?
  2. Who were the people in 2016 who helped me grow? How? What did I learn?
  3. Recall 5 opportunities where I chose Love this year. When did I Love?  Who? How?
  4. Recall 5 opportunities where I chose to receive Love.
  5. When and how did I experience Joy this year?
  6. What beauty did I encounter?
  7. How has my heart opened this year?
  8. What do I most appreciate about living this year?

To complete your year, write or express a note of appreciation and thanks to God/Source/All-That-Is who so creatively and Lovingly gifts us All.

Auld Lang Syne, 2016. We bid you a thank-full farewell………….

Blessings for 2016 – Joan Kappes

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