Declare: (verb) Announce something clearly or loudly- to state something in a plain, open, or emphatic way

Decide: (verb) To make a choice or come to a conclusion about something


Today, let’s discover the power of declaration and the power of decision.  Why?  Because they will quickly lead you to “The Edge” of your dreams!

Who comes to mind when you think of the word, declaration?  Of course!  The signers of the Declaration of Independence; fifty-six men who shared a vision and declared (at the risk of high treason) the Colonies’ right to be free, independent states, absolved from all allegiance to the British crown.

Another  example:  In the ‘80’s, a dear friend of mine and I were sharing dreams for our life.  You know how these discussions go – this topic, that topic, on and on for hours.  Out of the blue, she declared this life-directing statement:  “I plan on living my life with financial abundance.  I just am.  I will always have enough – and more than enough”. These were not words of defiance or lack, simply a (profound) declaration of who she decided to be and who she will become.  Was she financially abundant or an expert at the time?  Hardly.  She was a new college graduate beginning one of those paying-your-dues type jobs.   Time has shown her declaration and decision of who she ‘is’ has manifested into a life of amazing financial abundance.   She became her declaration.

Additional examples:  What makes Nelson Mandela, Pope Francis, Mother Theresa, Pancho Barnes and heroes such as Susan B. Anthony and Harriet Tubman memorable?

They declared who they are!  They said, “I AM”…….

Nelson Mandela – I am a person committed to creating full equality for all South African citizens

Mother Theresa – I am an advocate for the poorest of the poor

Pancho Barnes – I am a female pilot and will live my dream (no matter what)

Susan B. Anthony – I am an advocate for women’s rights and women’s right to vote

They decided.  They decided:

  1. Who they are
  2. What they want

WHY DOES THIS MATTER? Because declaring who you are creates the opening for guidance (from God/Source, the Universe, others and yourself), focus and direction – prerequisites for living your grand life!  It is a freedom that ‘clicks in’ and says “YES!  This is Me!”  It is the dance of your soul and your physical “you” (an experience you will want to encounter again and again).  It is a feeling of being “grounded” and “at home”. It is the feeling of “aliveness”.  And, pragmatically, when you declare who you are and what you want, focus enters your life instantaneously (an essential tool for creating the life of your dreams!)   The “hows” of life may not yet be known, but the “who” is, and this is what sets the wheels in motion for circumstances, people and events to come to you!

“Ok, but how do I begin?”  “What if I can’t think of anything?”  “What if I have many declarations?”  “What if I am not even close to the ‘me’ I want to be?”  “Do I have to tell anyone?”

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  “Come to the Edge Today!” and be Bold!  Take a chance! Begin with general statements such as “I am loveable.  I am worthy.  I am abundant.  (These are important declarations because they are the foundation for life’s unfolding events.)  It is ok if you have specific or multiple declarations.  Remember, you do not have to have it all together beforehand (the founding fathers certainly did not).  There are no inappropriate statements; you are creating You and  there is no wrong answer in that!  If you feel  uncomfortable at first, it’s all right; new “clothes” often take a bit to get used to.  You can trust that as soon as you make your announcement, this expanded version of You has begun!  (Pretty exciting, really…)

Three very important steps:

1.  Make your declaration in writing (like our 1776 elders).  Use the Proclamation below or create your own.  (Free certificates are available online).

2.  Verbalize your decision.   Read it (with feeling) to yourself in the mirror.   Reading it to a trusted friend is also very helpful.  Remember that the spoken word is very powerful, so use it to your advantage.

3.  Repeat at least 3 times each day (the more the better)!

My Declaration Day

This is the day you declare who you are and what you want!

This___________day of ____________, 20______,

I declare that I am_______________________________________________________



I declare myself worthy to experience:______________________________________






You’ve taken your leap and declared who you are! Whoo! You’re on your way! –Joan Kappes


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