20 Reasons Why Gratitude is the Best Christmas Gift


Thankfulness –  Gratitude – Appreciation

3 words that shape lives.  We use them frequently during this Christmas/Holiday season:  “Thanks for the gift”, “I appreciate your help”, “I am grateful for your presence here tonight”.  These words and ways of “being” are exceptional tools for creating the life we intended! How do we fully experience their power and  depth?

Following are 20 reasons why and how to live each day with gratitude, thanksgiving and appreciation*:

  1. Living a thank-full life just feels good!
  2. Gratitude is the “magic pill” – when feeling bad, physically or emotionally, give thanks.  It is the path to feeling better
  3. Living in a spirit of appreciation, there is a natural expectation that good things are always coming my way
  4. Gratitude opens a pathway for receiving love
  5. Thankful living opens your heart to new solutions and new ideas
  6. Thanks giving takes you out of your mind thoughts and moves you to your “heart thoughts”
  7. Because the mind can only hold one thought at a time,  it is impossible to be grateful and feel sorry for yourself at the same time (try it!).  Therefore, gratitude is the perfect tool for getting you “unstuck” from negative/self pitying thoughts
  8. Appreciation calls forth all the senses.  For example, stopping to appreciate what you are seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling and feeling allows the moment to become exceptionally “alive” and rich
  9. Gratitude slows down a busy day because you are pausing to be aware of what is before you
  10. Gratitude instantly provides a new and bigger perspective about the topic
  11. Being thank-full is fun (life is supposed to be fun, remember?)
  12. You get what you think about
  13. Living in a spirit of appreciation, you are living in the present moment.  Even if you are appreciating past or future events, the grateful moment is “now”.
  14. Because of quantum physics, it is now known that the cells of your body respond favorably to positive thoughts
  15. Appreciation opens new paths for receiving
  16. Gratitude tells the Universe you want more
  17. Thankfulness creates positive habits which shapes your behavior
  18. Gratitude grows – you can start small and expand
  19. You will enjoy yourself (and others) more
  20. But mostly, feeling grateful just feels good!

*The words gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness are used interchangeably for this conversation).

Today’s “leaping” exercise:  Prior to gathering for your Christmas/New Year celebrations, spend 15 minutes alone with the intention of thinking ONLY thoughts of gratitude for the people you will be spending time with.   Then, pause your thoughts for a few minutes and try to “feel” appreciation, “feel” gratitude.  Remember to use all of your senses.   Repeat daily and enjoy!

Grateful for you! –  Joan Kappes

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