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Let’s share our inspiration and grow our wisdom!

Thank you for “Coming to the Edge Today”.  It is a pleasure sharing these motivational and inspirational stories with you.  I believe that all of us are meant to live the life of our dreams!  If you are following these posts, know that you have been guided here for a reason.  If you are reading this, it is time for you to “Come to Your Edge Today”; you are already on your way!

I have noticed a real awakening and desire for people to create a bigger life, haven’t you?  We are everywhere! Please share this site with anyone you think would benefit from these words, stories and “leaping” exercises. You never know…it could be just what they need to hear….

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6. Talk about “Come to the Edge Today” with friends, family or online! Once a thought becomes spoken it has greater manifesting power!  Let’s grow our wisdom and share our inspiration!

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