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Opening the Lid of Your Dream Box – It’s Time

April 12, 2016

  When we were young, we spent our days dreaming, imagining, living a wonder-filled life of “what if”s.  We imagined ourselves to be anything.  Remember? My imagination came to life through Barbie.  Yes, I was hooked on Barbie, Ken, Skipper – the whole gang.  Life was good at the Barbie and Ken house!  I was very shy when […]

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Love Will Find You!

March 30, 2016

Life is experienced on a whole new level when we come to know that no matter what our life experience is or has been, no matter who we think we are or what we do, no matter where we are going or where we have been, ‘Love Will Find You’ – If it’s true that ‘Love will […]

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Ripples – Are You Having Fun Creating Yours?

March 9, 2016

Each of us makes ripples…every day. Are you having fun creating yours? We never know the full impact of the ripples we create, however we can become aware that we are creating them and we can have fun with them as we throw those stones of thought, intention and action into our part of the […]

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The Gift of Receiving – All It Takes Is A Little Leap

February 29, 2016

This is a leap year – a ‘magical’ time that comes once every 4 years.  It’s like a ‘freebie’ from the Universe.  This year is a playful, imaginative and wonder-full opportunity to create and receive something new.   Are you open to receiving something new – today? Are you willing to accept a gift meant exclusively for you? All it […]

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Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life!

February 11, 2016

You have the ability to  change your life’s trajectory……….   The premise is simple and profound     It is estimated that we think approximately 70,000 thoughts each day –  and most are repeats! Definition of a belief: A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.  I’ll repeat this:  A belief is just a thought […]

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#IAMChoosingLove – The Birth of a Movement

February 2, 2016

2015.  Paris was attacked.  In an instant, the world allowed the floodgates of Love, Light and Compassion to open……. and Light overcame the darkness. As with millions of people, I prayed and sent Love to the people of Paris and all those around the world who suffer this kind of brutality. While the loving outreach […]

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The Ultimate Gift – The Ultimate Freedom

January 20, 2016

There is a gift. You received it the day you were born. You are using it now. This lifelong gift holds depth, beauty, presence and power – designed to bring joy and unprecedented freedom if you are curious enough to uncover its treasures and learn to consciously use its power. Uncover it. What are the […]

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