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#IAMChoosingLove – The Birth of a Movement

February 2, 2016

2015.  Paris was attacked.  In an instant, the world allowed the floodgates of Love, Light and Compassion to open……. and Light overcame the darkness. As with millions of people, I prayed and sent Love to the people of Paris and all those around the world who suffer this kind of brutality. While the loving outreach […]

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The Ultimate Gift – The Ultimate Freedom

January 20, 2016

There is a gift. You received it the day you were born. You are using it now. This lifelong gift holds depth, beauty, presence and power – designed to bring joy and unprecedented freedom if you are curious enough to uncover its treasures and learn to consciously use its power. Uncover it. What are the […]

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I Am Choosing Love!

November 24, 2015

This project was inspired a very, very short time ago.  Already, there is much interest on social media!  Stay tuned for how you can easily share the power and good news of Love, right now- right where you are! We always have a choice to Love Tweet

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Best of Times – Worst of Times: There IS Another Way

November 19, 2015

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” – Charles Dickens These days produce heightened thoughts and actions of fear, protection, ‘us vs them’, circling the wagons, exclusion, anxiety, vulnerability………….. These days also create intensified thoughts and actions of peace, hope, compassion and a commitment to ending the cycle of fear – […]

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You & Joy – Strange-Bedfellows? (Not Anymore)

October 28, 2015

It is fall and stores are brimming with Christmas wares from decorations to bobbles to greeting cards.  Everywhere I see – ‘Wishing you Joy this season!  Joy to the World!  Joy to you this season!’ It would be easy to take the cynical route and complain about the commercialization of Christmas and the holiday season, yada, […]

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Will You Allow Perfection?

September 30, 2015

It is lovely to receive a message that you know is given ‘just for you’.  Recently, I re-read a section from my meditation journal.  This one grabbed me and I am drawn to share it with you.  Perhaps it too, is written ‘just for you.’ “Everything is wrapped in Love and Light. Wrapped in Love’s […]

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All You Need Is Your Spark

September 17, 2015

  Leaping Exercise: Use the above as a reflection and jumping off place for journaling. Pretend you are one of the stars in the above photo. Imagine you are a spark of Divinity. The following are a few journaling ideas for you to engage your imagination and your heart as you connect with who you really are: As a spark […]

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